Hamata Island Marsa Alam | The Qulaan Archipelago Marsa Alam

The Hamata Islands are called the Qulaan earth and encompass four (not 3 as explicit by some tour operators) islands – Siyal, Shawarit, Umm al-Shaykh, and Mahabis – settled between three and seven-kilometer from the coast. there's additionally a tiny low fifth island fashioned solely at tide however connected at low water with the Hamata angiospermous tree bounds.

Hamata Island  Marsa Alam 

The islands area unit fringed with a number of the foremost superbly various coral reefs you'll notice anyplace within the world, you'll notice over 450 species of coral and plenty of lovely colored fish, over 1200 species of fish crystal water within the sunrise, white sandy beaches and tranquil lagoons wherever you'll snorkel and admire the voluminous and various ocean life,

conjointly see a number of the various species of birds World Health Organization have created the islands their home. you'll conjointly oft notice dugongs still because of the athletic and inquisitive spinner dolphin.

inexperienced turtles also are known to nest on Siyal Island from could to Gregorian calendar month, rays, clown fish, and marine turtles.

The Qulaan Archipelago Marsa Alam

On the islands there area unit several birds World Health Organization have created the islands as their home, and also the islands also are an excellent bird-looking sanctuary with larges colonies of terns and gulls.

Bird species that inhabit the earth embody the vulnerable pitchy Falcon ( Falco Concolor), the Bridled larid (Onychoprion anaethetus – usually in giant numbers throughout the summer),

the Caspian larid (Hydropogne Caspia), the Green-Backed Heron, the Reef Heron, the Red beaked tropic bird, the ECU wading bird, the turnstone, the Western Reef Heron, the White-eyed Gull, the Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster), the Crab shorebird,  the hawk and Hemphric’s Gull.


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