From Cairo Airport: Overnight Tour to Fayoum

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Are you ready for an overnight tour to Fayoum from Cairo Airport with our Cairo day tours from airport? Egypt is home to some of the world’s most beautiful and unique destinations, and Fayoum is no exception. Fayoum is located on the western edge of the Nile Delta and is known for its natural beauty and rich history you can visit it through our Egypt day tours. This area has a diverse landscape, with large sand dunes, rolling hills, and lush green landscapes. It’s also known for its archaeological sites, including the ancient city of Karanis, which dates back to the 4th century BC. The city of Fayoum is known for its pottery, which has been produced for centuries. This pottery is still produced to this day and is renowned for its quality and craftsmanship. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to find some at the local markets. On this Cairo overnight packages tour, you’ll have the chance to explore this unique destination, while also learning about its history and culture. This Cairo day tour will take you to explore some of Fayoum’s most famous archaeological sites,

  • Transportation to and from your Cairo airport is provided by a 4x4.
  • Admission is required at the aforementioned historical location.
  • English-language guide for Egyptologists.
  • Inside the touring vehicle, there is bottle water for sale.
  • For a late lunch, visit EL Fayoum neighbourhood eatery.
  • all taxes and service charges.
  • 1 night's accommodation in a hotel in Fayoum with breakfast
  • any additional fees not included in the programme.

Our tour guide picks you up from your Cairo airport to start our trip to Fayoum in a modern, air-conditioned car. 

When we arrive in Fayoum, the first place we stop isThe Kom Aushim Museum is an excellent place to get maps of Fayoum. The Museum was initially built in 1974. Along with artefacts from the Prehistoric through Roman eras, it also has a portrait of Fayoum.

One of the largest Greco-Roman settlements in the Fayoum is located at the following stop: Karanis (The Lord's Town). originally inhabited in the third century B.C. by mercenaries from the army of Ptolemy the Secod. There are two temples in the city.

The next stop is Hawara (Arsinoiton polis), which was founded in the eleventh dynasty while Amenemhet III was building the Pyramid Complex.

After that, we'll travel to Lake Qarun, which has the name of the King who was interred there alongside all of his riches and treasures. Lunch will also be served on Qarun Lake.

At the conclusion of the excursion, we will view the Waterfall and the Wadi El Rayan valley, which is 673 kilometres long and 42 metres deep.
This dip became a water reservoir in 1966 after being connected to Qarun Lake by subterranean pipelines.

At the conclusion of our adventure, we arrive in Tunis and visit the ceramic art school.

a stay in a Fayoum hotel


After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up from your hotel and take you to Tunis Village, Qarun Lake, or another location of your tour guide's choosing to begin your desert experience in a 4x4 Jeep. Travel to Wadi El Hitan in the desert. This is "Wadi Al Hitan". WADI EL-HITAN is a protected area and a natural heritage site that was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2005. It was found in 1936 and is well-known to scientists in the Zeuglodon Valley. 35 kilometres west of Wadi El-Ryan, it is located right in the western desert. This location is known as an outdoor museum because it is rich in fossils. It is home to prehistoric shark teeth, petrified mangrove roots, and soft rock fossils that date back 45 million years.

Fossils of coral and seashells may be discovered all throughout this region. Visit the Fossil & Climate Change Museum, which features countless fossils, skeletons, and other examples of prehistoric marine life behind glass displays in addition to fossilised mangroves, whale bones, and other marine life outside. Visit Qusur El Arab after that, savour your meal, and then head back to the Fayoum oasis to view the Madinet Madi shrine. On the way back, travel to Cairo. Visit the Fayoum Pyramids before making your way to your Cairo hotel.

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Fayoum offers diverse attractions including natural wonders like Qarun Lake and cultural sites like Tunis Village and Wadi Al Hitan Park.

due to these factors

Bird watching: During the winter, it is possible to observe the migration of the birds in all its beauty, when it's extremely hot in the desert throughout the summer, is the best month for hiking, trekking, and sand skiing.

All year round, one may unwind among water.


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