Safaga is a city on the Red Sea coast, located 53 km south of Hurghada. It is a small port and contains many tourist villages. It specializes in diving courses and fishing competitions and is replete with hotels and many world-famous fish restaurants. Its waters specialize in black sand with special characteristics and are used medically in some cases. Its distinctive beaches make it a suitable place for skiing.

Safaga Port

Most of the hotels in Port Safaga and near to Safaga Airport organize excursions to Mons Claudianus, and also to Mons Porphyrites north of Hurghada, where the Romans extracted porphyry, the rare white and purple crystalline marble often used to create sarcophagi.

if you are visiting Egypt it's your chance to enjoy Safaga weather and beautiful white sands, bright sun, blue attractive seawater and enjoy Safaga diving too, and warm weather in the red sea through Hurghada day tours which is the nearest city to have a plane to visit Luxor so you can explore the archeological sites of the ancient Egyptians through Luxor day tours. one of the best ways to enjoy the amazing beaches is to visit Sharm el sheik through Sharm el sheik excursions which have some of the best beaches in Egypt and are considered one of Egypt's Luxury tours.

Safaga in  Egypt

Safaga Travel Information

The climatic conditions of Port Safaga are ideal for windsurfing, but few tourists are visiting the city, especially the most passionate divers interested in underwater landscapes which in this area are of exceptional beauty.

Safaga was previously a seaport connected to a regular shuttle service line, and the coastal city was established between 282 B.C and 268 B.C. The city of Safaga is considered one of the most important medical tourism centers, as this medical research has proven. This has attracted international tourism to the port of Safaga.
Safaga is characterized by its wonderful and distinguished weather, where it is It was the host of the 1993 Red Sea World Windsurfing Championships.


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