Safaga Port

Safaga port is located on the Red Sea coast, south of Safaga, 65 km from Hurghada, and is characterized by a stable dry climate throughout the year that does not adversely affect maritime navigation and various activities.

Safaga Port

Safaga Port, also known simply as Safaga, is located in Egypt on the Red Sea coast about 53 km south of the popular tourist city of Hurghada. A paved road of 164 km connects Safaga to Qena, another inhabited center of Upper Egypt. The port of Safaga is located about 10 kilometers south of the city of Safaga.

The area has no finds from ancient Egypt, but near Mons Claudianus, about 50 km from Safaga towards the hinterland, quarries from the Roman era can be seen. From these quarries, granite was extracted, transported to the Nile, and then brought by sea to Rome, where it was used for the construction of the Trajan's Forum and the Pantheon.

Safaga Port in the Red Sea is away from the ordinary Egyptian classic tours of the Nile Valley and Cairo, despite being the exclusive Egyptian port that enables tourists to reach the old monuments of Upper Egypt. Luxor and Aswan can be reached with a day trip from Safaga to Luxor. Luxor has the greatest collection of monuments dating back to the period of the New Kingdom, a heritage thanks to which the city has earned the name of the largest open-air museum in the world. Furthermore in Luxor, Aswan offers visitors access to the sites and wonders of the history of ancient Egypt, together with the opportunity to get to know the wonderful Nubian culture, in a breathtaking landscape setting that gives the visitor peace and relaxation.

After its foundation, Safaga remained an important merchant port. Due to the presence of mineral springs, very salty, and perfect for medicines such as rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases affecting the skin, the city of Safaga is considered one of the most important tourist therapeutic centers, as shown by special medical research. The potential to attract international Medical tourism to Egypt to Safaga is also supported by its peaceful atmosphere, clean air, and white sandy beaches, as well as the coral reef and aquatic life that is marked by the presence of tuna and sharks, which invite snorkeling and diving activities in Safaga. From the port, you can also go for a ride in a glass-bottom boat to see the underwater life while staying dry.  We at Cairo Top Tours spare no effort to bring you our experience in our tours and excursions in Egypt.  


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