Tiran Island

The island is characterized by many things, small islands, coral reefs floating on the surface of its water, in addition to the presence of many water trips in beautiful yachts, as it is considered one of the places that can be visited by lovers of swimming and diving, due to the clarity and freshness of its waters. This island is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is considered one of the most important western shipping lines that pass in front of the city of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Tiran Island in Sharm El Sheikh

The Island of Tiran is located in the heart of the Red Sea, at the mouth of the Gulf of Aqaba, therefore Tiran Island, Sharm el Sheikh is almost equidistant from Egypt and Saudi Arabia, despite being in all respects Egyptian territory. It is an island not particularly extensive, being about 80 square kilometers wide, and its beauty is truly exceptional.
Tiran Island offers a vibrant nature with very bright tones, it is also full of sandy beaches with an exceptional white color that helps to recreate real heavenly landscapes, those that would happen to be seen on the cover of a tourist brochure.


Tiran Island Diving

if you are visiting Egypt and specifically on a Tiran Island trip it's your chance to enjoy its beautiful white sands, bright sun, blue attractive seawater, and warm weather with some Cruise and Snorkelling on Tiran Island in the red sea through Hurghada day tours which is the nearest city to have a plane to visit Luxor so you can explore the archeological sites of the ancient Egyptians through Luxor day tours. one of the best ways to enjoy the amazing beaches is to visit Sharm el sheik through Sharm el sheik excursions which have some of the best beaches in Egypt and are considered one of Egypt's Luxury tours.

This Egyptian island contains immense wealth in terms of greenness and calm, and represents a real dream for diving lovers, even those who are not particularly experts in diving, in fact, in this area of ​​Egypt can come across some truly extraordinary seabed, perhaps regarding colorful fish and many other suggestive creatures.

Those who have the opportunity to discover more deeply all the "faces" of the island can also come across some captivating surprises, such as the old wrecks of merchant ships that have now become an integral part of the landscape, as well as a "home" of fish and many other creatures. Reaching the island of Tiran is from Sharm El Sheik numerous shore connections are made available, moreover at more than affordable prices.

Visiting the island of Tiran is a more than advisable experience, both for tourists who have no particular expectations and simply want to fully enjoy the beauty of these places and for those who love the most exotic and wild nature and perhaps want to enjoy the diving experience.


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