Spices from Egypt | Herbal Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Herbs were one of the reasons for the superiority of the ancient Egyptians in the field of medicine, and the Egyptians continue to use them to this day.

 Spices from Egypt | Herbal Medicine in Ancient Egypt

Herbals and Spices in Egypt it's our secrets ingredient in all our recipes in all Egyptian homes and restaurants, And are still one of our ancient Egyptian traditions

Take a look at our fabulous kinds of spices and herbs.

1. Saffron

Saffron is our gold spice, it's so rare and unique so saffron is considered the most expensive spice in the whole world, and in the ancient Egyptian medical side they used it in strengthen the sexual capacity

2 . Black Cumin 

The Ancient Egyptians believed that the Black Cumin can heal every pain hurt except death, it was a very holy herbal for their and the most useful for health

3. Turmeric

Lentils, Beans, and Soya are the most important items in Egyptian cuisine so we can't be cooking them without the Turmeric species 

4. Sesame 

It's a pure oil plant because the sesame has the E vitamin which leads to increases in the platelet in the blood for the medical side but for the other side it is part of Egyptian sweets and the baked goods

5. Coriander

Egyptians are used fresh coriander in salads, vegetable marinades., and also coriander seeds as they are ideal for meat 

6. Hibiscus
The chilled tea from Hibiscus flowers is refreshing and increases energy. Drank hot, it is a good antidote to infections. Hibiscus is a valuable source of calcium, vitamin C, and mineral salts. In addition, it protects the heart. Hibiscus also helps blood pressure.

7. Mint
Is used in a famous bedouin tea served to tourists in Egypt. Although mint tea is served with lots of sugar - it retains its amazing aroma and properties. According to the Bedouin, it has a beneficial effect on digestion, as well as medicinal properties, and improves the work of the digestive system. 

8. Cumin
In Arabic cuisine, powdered cumin is added to meat dishes to flavor meat and vegetables. It can also be mixed with cinnamon and saffron and added to stews.

9. Ginger
Has a sharp smell and spicy, warming flavor. It is used to aromatize compotes, liqueurs, mulled wine, and beer, as well as gingerbreads, pickles, pumpkin pickles, and cucumbers & sauces. It is a mixture of curry and is added to many Asian vegetable dishes.

10. Cardamom 
Is one of the more expensive spices in the world, used for centuries in medicine, and considered an aphrodisiac. Cardamom is added to meat, fish, and poultry. Each dish will give you an unusual, oriental taste. It also tastes good with coffee, tea, and chocolate. It improves metabolism, so it can help slim. It also has antiseptic properties and refreshes the breath. Cardamom seeds have been chewed by Arabs for centuries.

Smell the oriental aroma of Egyptian spices and energize your senses. Take a trip to Egypt and discover the unknown with its beauty and mesmerizing magic. 
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