Natural Water Springs in Egypt

The number of natural springs in Egypt is 1450 springs and wells spread all over Egypt, some of them are in the western desert in Dakhla and Bahariya oases, and some of them are in Cairo like Ain Al-Sira, and some of them are in the eastern desert, and some of them are in Sinai, like baths. The eyes of Pharaoh and Moussa are among the features of medical tourism in Egypt.

Natural Water Springs in Egypt

Egypt is known for its cities, mineral and sulfur water, dry, moisture-free weather, and its soil of sand and silt which is proper for treating numerous diseases especially for skin and any disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles, or fibrous tissue, especially rheumatoid arthritis. And the multiplicity of its beaches including the waters of its seas due to its distinctive natural properties. Many sulfur and mineral eyes are spread in Egypt.

This natural water also contains several mineral salts and some minerals of therapeutic value such as sodium carbonate and varying proportions of some metal elements. It is like magnesium and iron, and it is distinguished by its depth, amplitude, and temperature that ranges between 30 and 70 degrees Celsius. Laboratory analyses have shown the proportion of salinity in these natural water resources for hospitalization, in addition to the availability of silt in the bottoms of these sulfur-water springs with its therapeutic properties that cure many bone diseases, diseases of the digestive system, respiratory system, skin diseases, etc. It has also been proven that it is very beneficial in the case of treating arthritis patients by burial in the sand. It has passed through and produced economically in recent years, within the framework of strict scientific control on quality and standard specifications.

In addition to that, research has confirmed that the Red Sea water with its chemical content and the presence of coral reefs in it helps to recover from psoriasis, and therefore there are many tourist areas that enjoy the advantage of medical travel in Egypt, which are areas of ancient historical fame such as Helwan, Ain Al-Sirah, Al Ain Al Sokhna, Hurghada, Fayoum, the oases region and Siwa The New Valley, Aswan, Sinai, and finally, the city of Safaga, which is located on the shore of the Red Sea, south of Hurghada, which has all the elements of medical tourism, which you visit through Egyptian travel packages, and its fame is that black sand has The ability to get rid of some skin patients and the most famous is psoriasis.

The number of natural eyes in Egypt is 1450 eyes, fountains and wells that spread throughout Egypt east and west, some of which are found in the Western Desert by entering oases and marine oases, including what is found in Cairo like the Helwan eyes group and Ain Sirah, some of which are in the Eastern Desert, some of which are in Sinai such as Pharaoh's spring and Moses water spring are among the features of medical tourism in Egypt.

Many natural water springs spread throughout Egypt, the most important of which is Siwa Oasis, which lies to the west of Marsa Matrouh by about 300 km. It occupies the forefront position among the optimal places for medical tourism and natural hospitalization in Egypt and is characterized by charming poetic calm, air purity, and the purity of the sky, the mild temperature, which can be visited with Cairo Top Tours by booking Egypt day tours.

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