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Book Lovers Day, September 9, invites all book lovers to enjoy their favorite pastime guilt-free. Bringing new worlds to life, books to enlighten us and take us on exciting adventures. They can challenge our views of the human experience in ways that do not match other media. In the world of electronics, National Read a Book Day allows us to silence the noise and turn the pages for a while.

Book Lovers Day  

Book Lovers Day is celebrated every year on August 9th. This is an informal holiday to inspire bibliophiles to celebrate reading and writing. People are recommended to remove their smartphones and all possible technological distractions and pick up a book to read.

Book Lovers Day is commonly celebrated on a global scale, but its origin and author remain unknown to date. For some people, reading is their ultimate way of relaxation and fun! For others, reading may seem like a little bit of a chore.

No matter what group you fall under, we invite you to join Read a Book Day. Usually, it's all about finding the best book for you. From memoirs to science-fiction; there are so many different styles of books out there today, so use Read a Book Day to find the right book for you to really get stuck in.

Alexandria Library

The ancient Library of Alexandria was not the only library in the ancient world, but it was the most famous of them despite the presence of other libraries that preceded it. Historians disagreed about the true founder of the library. that Ptolemy was the first broad culture-loving literature to him the scientific complex groupings the Royal Library was founded.

Read a Book Day

The library contained more than half a million scrolls, and science and mathematics received continuous pushes forward at the hands of the library’s scientists and custodians, including Aristarchus, who was guided to the earth’s rotation around the sun, and Eratosthenes, who was able to measure the circumference of the earth. Heron, the steam instrument, and also in the library, was the Greek translation of the Old Testament to the Torah.

The Library of Alexandria is considered one of the giant cultural edifices and is considered a beacon of culture, Egypt’s window to the world, and a window to the world on Egypt.

It is the first digital library in the twenty-first century and includes the Egyptian cultural and human heritage and is a center for study and dialogue and includes a library that accommodates more than eight million books and has a large collection of selected books.

In Arabic, English, and French, as well as a selection of books in other European languages ​​such as German, Italian, Spanish, and other rare languages.

The library contains the following: -

Specialized libraries: - Library of audio and visual materials - Library of microfilm materials -  Taha Hussein Library - Youth Library - Children's Library - Library of Rare Books and Specialized Collections.

Planetarium: -  Designed in the form of a planet that left its outer orbit to settle in the orbit of the sun. The library takes the form of a disk symbolizing the sun of knowledge. The planetarium accommodates a hundred individuals and gives each of them the feeling that they are inside a spaceship swimming among the stars and planets with sound and light effects.

Conference Center: It is an international institute for information studies - a center for documentation and research - an institute for calligraphy - a museum of manuscripts - a center for rare books and documents.

Permanent exhibitions: Alexandria Exhibition Through the Ages - Exhibition of the scholar Shady Abdel Salam - Masterpieces of Arabic calligraphy (4) History of Printing, (5) The Artist's Book, (6) Astronomical and Scientific Instruments for Arabs in the Middle Ages, (7) Mohy El Din Hussein: A Creative Journey.

Research centers: Manuscripts Center - Calligraphy Center - Alexandria and Mediterranean Studies Center - Center for Documentation of Cultural and Natural Heritage - Center for Special Research and Programs - International Institute for Information Studies - Dialogue Forum Center.

Exploration hall: An educational center containing a collection of scientific letters and exhibits.


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