bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Library of Alexandria was for many centuries, more or less from 280 BC to 416, one of the largest and most important libraries on the Planet. This valiant center of knowledge was located in the city of Alexandria, north of Egypt, west of the River Nile, right on the shores of the Mediterranean.

alexandria library

Bibliotheca Alexandrina

The Library of Alexandria was the world's largest library it was established by king Ptolemy I and it housed about 900,000 manuscripts throughout his reign. 

Alexandria Library (Bibliotheca of Alexandria)

The original library had all the article's secrets regarding the traditional civilization of Egypt.

Library of Alexandria

Its destruction has been attributed to totally different actors, however, no version has been tried, the sole clear issue is that it finally disappeared, and it absolutely was not till 1987 that a world project wanted to rescue the cultural significance of the location and therefore the image it represents, began the legendary collective imagined library of humanity. UNESCO coordinated the project and eventually, the name the Alexandria Library, it absolutely was formally opened in 1996.

As well to its massive archive, which can withstand carrying about twenty million copies, and a space for over 2,000 simultaneous scholars, it also has a planetarium, and a Science Museum, one for calligraphy and the other one for archaeology, in addition to a laboratory of restoration, a modern printing press and a library specialized for children and people with special abilities.

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