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  • Rabat


    Rabat is the capital city of Morocco, located on the country's Atlantic coastline. It is situated across the Bouregreg River from the city of Salé and forms the Rabat-Salé urban area. With a rich history dating back to the Roman era, Rabat is known for its blend of modernity and traditional Moroccan architecture.

  • Erfoud


    Erfoud is a city located in eastern Morocco, known as the gateway to the Sahara Desert. It is a popular destination for travelers seeking to explore the stunning desert landscapes and experience the unique culture and hospitality of the region. Erfoud offers opportunities for camel trekking, visits to the nearby Merzouga Dunes, and exploring the local markets and traditional crafts.

  • Merzouga Dunes

    Merzouga Dunes

    The Erg Chebbi Dunes, also known as the Merzouga Dunes, are a stunning natural wonder located in southeastern Morocco. These majestic dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, with some reaching heights of up to 150 meters. The Erg Chebbi Dunes are a popular destination for travelers looking to experience the beauty of the Sahara Desert.

  • Khenifiss National Park

    Khenifiss National Park

    Explore the beauty of Morocco's natural reserve at Khenifiss National Park. Located in the southwestern part of the country, this park is home to diverse wildlife and stunning landscapes. Visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and exploring the unique ecosystems found in the park.

  • Ouzoud Waterfalls

    Ouzoud Waterfalls

    The Ouzoud Waterfalls, located in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, are a stunning natural wonder and a popular tourist destination. The falls cascade over a series of rocky cliffs, creating a breathtaking sight and a refreshing mist in the air. Visitors can hike down to the base of the falls, passing by olive groves and encountering local Barbary macaque monkeys along the way.

  • Todra Gorge

    Todra Gorge

    Todra Gorge, located in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, is a stunning canyon known for its towering rock walls, reaching up to 400 feet high. The gorge is a popular destination for hiking, rock climbing, and enjoying the breathtaking scenery.

National Celebrate Your Marriage Day |  World Marriage Day

  • 05 16, 2023

National Celebrate Your Marriage Day 

World Wedding Day is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of February, very close to Valentine's Day, the most romantic date of the year.

For the world to witness that there are many happy and lasting marriages because you can learn to love, to take care of the relationship and communication, to manage the differences that any couple has, in short, that enjoying life as a couple is something that can be learned and achieved.

World Marriage Day 

Yes, love for life is possible. It is a day of homage to spouses and marriage as a means of founding a family and bringing society together.


This idea of celebrating Marriage Day began in Louisiana, in 1982. A group of Marriage Encounter couples asked the mayor of the city, the Bishop, and the governor of the state to proclaim Valentine's Day as the Day “ We believe in Marriage ”. The event was a success, so the idea was presented to the US National Board of Worldwide Marriage Encounter, which accepted it for promotion.

The following year, in 1982, 43 governors officially proclaimed the Day, and the celebrations even reached US military bases in different countries. In 1983, the name was changed to "World Marriage Day", designating for its celebration the second Sunday of February each year.

Since then, all over the world, many couples celebrate this day in different ways, which aims to honor spouses as the fundamental basis of the family, which is, in turn, the basic unit of society, and pay tribute to fidelity. , sacrifice, and joy in your daily married life.

Learn the secret of wearing a "WEDDING RING" on the left hand

Among all the women's and men's accessories, the wedding ring was chosen to bear an emotional and perhaps an eternal symbol, and it brings together two parties to announce their stay together until the end and expresses the most sacred and human relationship throughout history, which is "marriage", but have you ever thought about the reason for choosing a wedding ring? Where did the idea come from, and what is its significance? Or is it random to be passed down through generations?

The first to use the ring or the circular ring as it was called, as a symbol of marriage or to express the bond of two people together for life, at least 6000 years ago - according to what was published by the "Business Insider" site. And rings were made of reeds or branches of the papyrus plant, and were transmitted by ancient cultures from the Egyptian civilization. 

According to the Roman historian, Abian al-Iskandar, wearing a wedding ring on the ring finger, specifically with the left hand, was due to the Egyptians ’belief at that time that there was a tendon on this finger that reaches directly to the heart because it is the center of emotions.

Egyptian weddings

Even though arranged marriages are no longer the rule, they are still common in Egyptian weddings. After the permission of both families, a marriage agreement is formed. The marriage agreement is made up of two parts, the mahr, and the shabka, where the groom has to bring two gifts to the girl’s family.

The “mahr” is a sum of money that a groom-to-be pays to the girl’s family, while the “shabka” is a tradition where the groom gives his wife-to-be jewelry. A day or two days before the wedding, the Egyptian women have a henna party for the bride with her friends and female cousins. This night is typically themed, with the majority of the girls dressed in belly-dancing outfits.

The Egyptian marriage ceremony begins with a car parade with flowers and ribbons and wedding decorations. When the bride and groom arrive at the hotel, they are greeted by another human parade of belly dancers and drummers known as a "Zaffa."



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Couples can celebrate National Celebrate Your Marriage Day in various ways. They can plan a romantic date night, exchange heartfelt messages or love letters, renew their wedding vows, or simply spend quality time together reminiscing about their journey as a couple. Other ideas include organizing a small gathering with close friends and family, sharing a special meal, or even taking a mini vacation to create lasting memories. The key is to devote time and attention to each other, expressing gratitude and cherishing the bond that marriage brings.

The second Sunday of February is designated as World Marriage Day every year and is sponsored by the American organization Worldwide Marriage Encounter, a part of the Catholic Marriage Encounter movement.


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