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  • Seabourn Sojourn Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Seabourn Sojourn Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Seabourn Sojourn, the flagship vessel of Seabourn Cruise Line's ultra-luxury fleet, was built in 2008 at the T. Mariotti shipyard in Genoa, Italy. Measuring 198 metres, it can accommodate up to 450 guests in its 225 spacious all-suite staterooms.

  • Norwegian Sky Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Norwegian Sky Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Norwegian Cruise Line operates a cruise ship called the Norwegian Sky. It was constructed in 1999 and can accommodate 2,004 passengers in addition to 878 crew members. The ship has several dining establishments, lounges and bars, a spa and fitness center, swimming pools, and a number of entertainment areas.

  • Explora II Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Explora II Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Explora II, the second vessel in the Explora Journeys fleet, sets sail in 2024 to redefine luxury cruising. With 461 ocean-front suites, 9 culinary experiences, and 4 pools, this haven of sophistication and sustainability promises an unforgettable "Ocean State of Mind" journey to inspiring destinations.

  • Mein Schiff 6 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Mein Schiff 6 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Mein Schiff 6 is the latest cruise ship in the renowned TUI Cruises fleet, offering passengers a luxurious and sophisticated cruise experience. At 315 metres long, this floating resort features a range of dining options, entertainment, and recreational facilities, including a spa, fitness centre, and sports amenities.

  • Mein Schiff 4 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Mein Schiff 4 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    When the Mein Schiff 4 cruise ship docks in Safaga, Egypt, passengers are granted access to a realm of ancient wonders. Aboard this state-of-the-art vessel, guests can embark on meticulously curated shore excursions that showcase the region's most iconic landmarks, including the Giza Pyramids, the enigmatic Sphinx, and the remarkable tombs and temples of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

  • MS Europa Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    MS Europa Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Silver Moon, Silversea's latest flagship, is a luxury cruise ship that offers an exceptional travel experience for Venezuelans exploring Egypt. With a capacity of 596 guests and an impressive 40,700 gross tonnes, the Silver Moon maintains the small-ship intimacy and spacious all-suite accommodations that are the hallmarks of the Silversea brand.

list of lakes in egypt

  • 05 16, 2023

What are your knowledge on Egyptian lakes? Do you have any concept of their quantity, size, or utility? Have you considered how amazing they are? 

From North to South, Egypt is home to a number of mesmerising lakes.

 While some of them are more well-known than others, they are all significant and good for the environment. In this post, we'll outline some of the characteristics of Egypt's lakes, emphasising the most stunning, significant, and popular ones. 

How Many Lakes in Egypt?
There are currently 12 lakes that are known to exist in Egypt. While some lakes are still there, others have disappeared. Seven large lakes—Nasser Lake (High Dam Lake), Moreis Lake (Qarun Lake), Mariout Lake, Edko Lake, Burullus Lake, Manzilah Lake, and Bardawil Lake—have a combined surface area of 3,600 square miles in Egypt. Wadi Elrayan Lakes, Toshka Lakes, Great Bitter Lake or al-Buhayrat al-Murrah, Wadi El Natrun Lakes, and Salt Lakes of Siwa are some of the other lakes in Egypt. Although the water in lakes is frequently fresh, there are those that are salty for environmental reasons you can visit them through our Egypt trips.

Which lake in Egypt is the biggest?
One of the biggest man-made lakes in the world, Lake Nasser is named for the Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, who had a major role in its construction. Building the Aswan High Dam across the Nile, which created a lake measuring roughly 550 kilometres (340 miles), was a decision made by President Nasser.

Which lakes in Egypt are the oldest?
with our Cairo day tours, you can visit The considerably smaller Lake Qarun presently stands in for the much older Lake Moeris, Arabic for Birkat Qrn, which originally covered a sizable portion of Egypt's al-Fayym depression.

Egypt Has 7 Beautiful Lakes
Egypt's lakes are the subject of many myths. However, they have a lot more to offer, including a unique history and folklore. When visiting Egypt, you must relax by its beautiful lakes and escape the bustle of the city during your Egypt dersert safari tours.

1. Lake Timsah

This is one of the area's most popular attractions you can visit with our Egypt travel packages because it is under the province's and governorate's jurisdiction. This lake fills the isthmus that separates the Red Sea from the Mediterranean Sea, or, more accurately, it covers that area. It is also commonly referred to as "Crocodile Lake." Aside from the various myths that surround this lake, it is important to note that the area is actively involved in bringing about a great deal of the calm and satisfaction to the heart when one wants to relax and simply take in this amazing lake's beauty.

2. Lake Burullus

The lake is also referred to as Egypt's second-largest lake. This lake is a brackish water lake and is situated inside the Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate. Approximately 460 square km of the region are covered by the protected area. It has developed into one of the natural hotspots where visitors may congregate and take in views of the sand plains and salt marshes. As opposed to many of the lakes in Egypt, this location is also renowned for its excellent understanding of the historical settlement, which features the Paralus, a historical settlement, resting beneath its water but above the waterbed.

3. Lake Nasser

This lake takes great satisfaction in the fact that it can be classified as a man-made lake. Aswan is where the lake is and you can visit it during your Aswan day tours . The iconic structure, known as the Aswan High structure, was erected, or one could say that the lake is a result of its construction. The construction of this dam was also started by the second president of Egypt, Gamal Abdel Nasser, who is also credited with being the ideational leader of the entire undertaking. Compared to the lakes in Egypt, the lake has been exceptionally effective in drawing tourists from all over the world and generating strong revenue for the local economy.

4. Lake Moeris

The lake Moeris was formerly known as Lake Qarun and has a historical or alternative name. There is no clear differentiation to suggest that people no longer refer to lake Moeris by the same name today, but the historical structures and monuments that can be found here are what really make this place famous and exciting. The location is also drawing tourists from all over the world in addition to local visitors. The lake was created when the Nile river unintentionally overflowed, which is both a very simple and fascinating event.

5. Wadi Al Rayan Lake

The Fayoum Oasis has made reference to this lake. One of the two freshwater lakes in the vicinity of Egypt is this one. The Wadi Al Rayan is a lovely lake that draws more tourists and is regarded as the most vibrant and bustling location in the area. The Magic Lake, one of the busiest and most popular locations, is also compared to this lake. The stunning and captivating sandy terrain and the enormous sand dunes add to the visual appeal. Together, these factors make it the best and most spectacular choice to visit and spend some time here with our Egypt tour packages.

6. Magic Lake

This lake is among the best and most well-known freshwater lakes, as was already mentioned. According to the information available, this lake is one of the most popular and busy locations in the area. The Fayoum research and pronouncements have rated this location as one of the most remarkable and beautiful places on earth! The astounding fact behind the name's selection is that the lake's colour changes constantly. The day is spent with this process. When thinking about visiting this location, the numerous activities like sand boarding, camping, desert safaris, and horseback riding have added additional enjoyment to the list.

7. Siwa Salt Lake

The area, which is undoubtedly captivating and lovely and is located in the Western Desert, has been added to the list of oasis destinations. Visitors may view several hot springs and gorgeous scenery in siwa oases, which combine with adventurous, exhilarating, and enjoyable desert activities to increase the pleasure factor at the lake. The location is undoubtedly fantastic and can offer you a lot with our Egypt easter tours, while also allowing you to relax amid the palm trees and take in the surrounding scenery. The peace and beauty of this location are an absolute guarantee and a perfect financial win!

We sincerely hope that this article on the most well-known lakes in Egypt will be useful to you in learning more about the Egyptian landscape and creating a thorough itinerary. Travel to Egypt right away and take in some peace and quiet. 





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