Tomb of Seti ||

He is a member of the Nineteenth Dynasty, the son of both Merneptah and Estnefert II, who ruled Seti II in the period from 1203 to 1197 BC,

The tomb of Seti II bears the name Tomb 15 and is known internationally as Tomb KV15. The tomb is located in the Valley of the Kings, where King Seti II was buried. The tomb was dug in a semi-vertical sloping road. The tomb was then dug at the head of a valley extending southwest of the Valley of the Kings.

The excavation continues along the northwest axis all the way to the southeast. Then the cemetery comes with a small entrance and 3 corridors.

The corridors end in the good chamber, but it is not excavated, and the chamber is connected by 4 columns. At the end of another corridor is the burial chamber.

The tomb of Seti II is covered with plaster, with drawings of the god Anubis. Among the inscriptions that came on the ceiling of the burial chamber are drawings of two rows of deities, including Ra and Osiris. The row of gods came above another row resembling mummies, as the goddess Nut appears along the ceiling, the goddess of heaven among the ancient Egyptians. The spirit of Ra is also inscribed above the head of the goddess Nut.

There is also a group of paintings that come embodied the prayer of Ra and scenes from the Book of the Hereafter and the Book of Gates. There is also another group of frescoes in the good room, and the panel depicts the king in a mausoleum but comes with different images, such as a tiger and a papyrus boat.

A complete set of information about the history of the cemetery has not been found yet. However, there are some documents that indicate the possibility of King Seti II being buried when he died in his wife's tomb, number 14, after which he was transferred to his present tomb.

It is clear from the study of the tomb that it was built in a hurry, and it may be said that behind this matter was the pharaoh Set Nakht, who made his tomb 14 for him. Therefore, Seti II had to be moved to another tomb. The inscriptions in the tomb show that there was the name Seti and it was erased but inscribed again.

King Seti was moved to Tomb No. 35 in a cache, and only the King's sarcophagus remained in Tomb 15. Perhaps this transfer is due to the opening of the cemetery since ancient times and for fear of the mummy being stolen.

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