Tomb of Seti I | Valley of the Kings

The tomb was discovered in 1817 AD by archaeologist Giovanni Battista Belzoni and then Howard Carter in 1902 AD. The cemetery was named after the Apis cemetery as a result of finding the mummy of a bull in a room next to the burial chamber. The Apis bull is one of the sacred religious beliefs of the ancient civilization of Egypt. It was called "Belzoni's tomb" after its discoverer, Italian archaeologist Giovanni Battista Belzoni.

Tomb of Seti I

The design of the tomb contains 7 corridors and 11 rooms with a pharaonic inscription of funerary texts and a burial chamber, in addition to a long corridor down after the burial chamber, the end of which has not yet been discovered.
The burial chamber design is unique among the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings, where the burial chamber is domed.
The depth of the underground cemetery reaches 30 meters. The tomb was completely carved into the rock-cut stone in the Valley of the Kings.

The cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings because it contains inscriptions on the walls from the Book of Gates, the Book of the Dead, the Aymi Duat Book, and the King's Journey after death, as was believed in the Pharaonic civilization.

The walls of the rooms contain an inscription of the rite of opening the mouth of the deceased in the second life after death.

The walls of the tomb contain an inscription from the ancient Egyptian Book of the Heavenly Cow.

In the ceiling of the cemetery, you will see an astronomical inscription and unique astronomical drawings.

When the tomb was first discovered, all the decorations and pharaonic inscriptions on the walls were in excellent condition, as if they had been painted for a short period, but with the passage of time, high humidity in the rooms and poor restoration by researchers in the nineteenth century AD, the effects of colors and some damage occurred in the drawings As a result, the Egyptian government closed the cemetery for a while, and it is currently available to visitors.


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