Tomb of Ramses IV

The tomb of Ramses IV or tomb 2 and known globally as KV2, is located in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, specifically at the bottom of the eastern valley between tomb 7 and tomb 1. It is the royal tomb of Pharaoh Ramses IV, the third king of the twentieth dynasty, and the tomb has been open since ancient times and many inscriptions in different languages ​​were found inside.

He died in the sixth year of his reign and was buried in a cemetery kv2 located in the Valley of the Kings. The cemetery has been open since ancient times.

The majority of the cemetery is in good condition and is filled with inscriptions and writings on the walls in different languages ​​such as Phoenician, Greek, and Coptic.

These writings include information about the god Ra, and the tomb includes drawings. From scenes in the Book of the Dead and the Book of the Hereafter and the Book of Heaven.

The tomb was not spared from thieves in the ancient era, so the priests moved the mummy of Ramses IV to tomb 35 so that the hand of the thieves would not reach them again. Two manuscripts were found on the tomb of Ramses II, dating back to the time of the construction of that tomb. The first is on a papyrus that gives a detailed drawing of the tomb.

The rooms and corridors are placed according to ancient Egyptian standards. The papyrus manuscript describes the sarcophagus consisting of four coffins inside each other, and the second is on a panel. of limestone give an approximate drawing of the tomb and describe the locations of the doors.

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