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"The god Amun" is the official deity of the ancient Egyptian kingdom in most historical periods, he is the master of the gods and the creator of the universe of ancient Egypt. And the word Amun in the ancient Egyptian language means "hidden, secret, invisible", and all are translations of the word "Amun".

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His name means "the hidden one", Amun is a very ancient divinity with warrior characteristics. Starting from the Middle Kingdom or maybe before, specifically during the 5th dynasty, he became the principal deity in Egypt and of Thebes during the new kingdom as well, he took the name of Amun-Ra and the characteristics of the creator God. He is the spouse of Mut and the father of Khonsu, forming the famous Theban triad with these deities of ancient Egypt.

Amun was the name of a deity in ancient Egyptian religion, which became one of the most important deities in Ancient Egyptian history. The ancient Egyptians depicted the god Amun in various shapes. Amun appeared as a man with a head, head, frog, ram, a man wearing an ostrich crown, and a goose.

It began as Thebesian air and fertility god, whose power grew as the city of Thebes grew from a petty village in the old kingdom to a powerful metropolis in the Middle and New Kingdoms. He rose to become a member of the eight gods collectively called the Ogdoad of Hermopolis. He then became a member of the three gods referred to as the Thebes Trinity. At that time he was called the patron of the Pharaoh's Gods and was eventually combined with the sun god Ra, who was the sovereign deity of the Old Kingdom, to become Amun-Ra, king of the gods and ruler of the Great Ennead. Amun-Ra was hailed as a national god, the creator of the universe, the personal protector of Pharaoh, and the god of war.

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The Temple of Karnak was the oldest temple of Amun. His reputation goes far beyond the borders of Egypt. His worship spread to Ethiopia, Nubia, Libya, and much of Palestine. The Greeks believed it was an Egyptian manifestation of their god Zeus. Even Alexander the Great thought it worth consulting Amun's oracle when he needed powerful proof to become the Pharaoh King of Egypt, the temple of the oracle in Siwa Oasis in the Egyptian Western Desert is evidence of how important this god was to all Egyptians.

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