Tomb of Sennefer

It is the only cemetery among the tombs of the nobles, except for the tombs of Deir al-Madina, which decorated the masterpiece room with colorful scenes, the color of which was not leveled, but rather carved in a system so that the grape vineyard appears as if it were anthropomorphic naturally.

The cemetery of “Al-Anab” or the cemetery of “Sennefer” is one of the most famous tombs discovered in the modern era in the city of the Hundred Gates “Luxor” because it includes within its walls drawings of grape trees using 3D technology, as the first cemetery in history uses this technique in drawings. The noble "Sennefer" held the position of mayor of the city of Thebes and supervised the gardens of the temple of "Amun" during the reign of King Amenhotep II, and during the reign of Thutmose III, he held the position of director of the king's wealth and bearer of the king's seals. He lived in his palace, which was an oasis of grape trees, and was responsible for the royal vineyards. Which was grown and squeezed to make grape syrup.

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Smurf designed his tomb in the form of a forest of grape trees. The ceiling of the cemetery is like a grape cube hanging from the clusters. It looked like a beautiful garden of grapes, and not. The ceiling of the cemetery is zigzag in a three-dimensional image. 3D, this is how the ancient Egyptians were always innovating and creating even in tombs because art, creativity, and a sense of beauty are an essential part of their personality. The cemetery is located in the area of ​​the Tombs of the Nobles in Deir el-Madina, west of Luxor, which is located specifically on the western bank. The tomb of Sennefer is characterized by the fact that the part carved in the rock is decorated with colored drawings that have cultural significance.


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