Deir El-Medina in Luxor

Deir al-Madina on the western mainland in Luxor occupies great importance, as there are tombs of workers, which clearly express the social status of the people who were buried in those cemeteries, and are the workers who supervised the excavation and engraving of the tombs of kings and queens. The area was called "Deir al-Madina" because of the existence of a monastery dating back to the Christian era.

Deir El-Medina in Luxor

Excavations on this site have brought about 70 houses to the light, surrounded by a boundary wall. The site is heavily ruined by time, the structure of the houses is still well preserved. Each consisted of an entrance hall and four rooms, a staircase that leads down and another that went up to the terraced roof.

The builders of the temples were buried in perfectly decorated tombs and topped with a small pyramid or a pyramidion in Deir El-Madina, south of the Valley of the Kings. The small size of these tombs allows only small group visits. The tombs take the shape of a courtyard surrounded by a chapel, under which the funeral chamber was located.

To the west, going up the hillside, you will come across some simpler tombs that are carved out of the rock. 3 of them are open to the public and deserve to be visited for their magnificent wall decorations

Among the most beautiful tombs that you can see when you Travel to Egypt is the Tomb of Inherkhau, the "head of the ruler of the two lands", beautifully decorated with historical scenes, including the killing of the Apophis snake who was the enemy of God Amun Ra.

Next to it is the Tomb of Sennedjem who had the title "Servant in the Place of Truth", he lived in Deir El-Madina during the reign of Seti I and Ramses II during the 19th dynasty, the tomb still contained all its treasure, now kept in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, which is one of the top things to do in Cairo.

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