5 Days tour package to Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor for Honeymoon

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5 Days in Cairo Alexandria and Luxor Tour Package

This 5-day tour package will take you on a journey through the most romantic cities in Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria, and Luxor. You'll be able to explore the sites that have been drawing tourists from around the world for years—and with your tour guide at your side, we promise it won't be anything like what anyone else has experienced before. You'll start in Cairo, home to some of the most beautiful mosques and museums in the world. From there, you'll travel south to Alexandria—a city known for its history as one of the most important ports in ancient times and its modern art scene. Finally, end your trip with a visit to Luxor—an area full of temples built by pharaohs thousands of years ago (and still standing today).

There is a special museum called the Merneptah Mortuary Temple where you can learn about how people lived a long time ago. It's really cool because you can read about them and find out things that they kept secret. They lived in a different way than we do now, and it's really interesting to see and learn about their way of life..


Meeting and greet services by Cairo Top Tours representatives during all our Egypt Travel Packages at the airport in Cairo.

A professional English-speaking tour guide.

Transportation in Cairo, and Luxor, are included.

Accommodation in Luxor for one night on a bed and breakfast basis.

5-star accommodation in Cairo for 3 nights with daily breakfast.

Domestic flight ticket from Cairo to Luxor and Luxor to Cairo.

Entrance fees to the museums and historical sites as mentioned in the itinerary.

Private air-conditioned vehicles to transfer you from/ to airports, hotels, and during the tours.

All Cairo sightseeing tours and Giza to historical sites are private tours.

Daily bottle of mineral water during your Egypt tours.

Shopping Tours in Cairo, Luxor. (Upon request).

Taxes and service charges are included during your Egypt Day Tours.


International airfare.


Beverage during meals.

Visa to enter Egypt is not included in all our Egypt Travel Packages, 25 USD in Cairo airport.

Optional tours and excursions.

Your day will start with your arrival at Cairo International Airport. You will then be met by our tour leader and transferred to your hotel for a rest and overnight stay.


On this day we will explore both the pyramids and the Egyptian Museum, where you can learn about Egypt's rich history and culture.
The Pyramids of Giza are a must-see when you're in Cairo as one of Egypt's most iconic monuments, having stood for more than 4,000 years. You'll see the Great Pyramid of Khufu, the only surviving Wonder of the Ancient World. You'll also get to see the Pyramid of Khafre, and the pyramids of Menkaure. You'll get an up-close look at these massive structures, which were built as tombs for pharaohs buried in them.

Afterward, head over to Cairo's downtown area to visit its main museum, where you can see mummies and other artifacts from ancient Egypt. Here you'll learn about one of history's most influential cultures, ancient Egypt's many fascinating discoveries—including mummies!


Today you will be traveling from Cairo to Alexandria for a day trip. You'll have time to explore the city of Alexandria, which is considered one of the greatest cities in history.

First stop: the Citadel of Qaitbey. This citadel was built by Sultan Qaitbey in 1498 and was used as a military base until 1956. Today it's open to tourists who want to see the beautiful architecture and take in the views from its terraces. Next, you'll stop at Fort Qaitbeiyya, which is also known as Fort Napoleon. This fort was built by Muhammad Ali Pasha in 1810 and served as a prison until 1952. Now it houses museums and galleries featuring artifacts from ancient Egypt's Ptolemaic era. Then, you'll head over to the Alexandria National Museum—which is located inside the grounds of an ancient Roman fort—and take a tour of its permanent collection.

You'll also visit Pompey's Pillar, which was erected by Cleopatra's father Ptolemy II in memory of Pompey the Great (who was assassinated by Julius Caesar). Afterward, you'll visit the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, where you can see tombs carved into underground caves.

The Tomb of Kom el shoqafa was named after discovering a large number of broken pottery beside the tomb, these broken pots were thrown by the people in this place so, the tombs were named Kom el shokafa.

Finally, it's time for lunch! Head back into town and find an authentic Egyptian restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Egyptian cuisines. If you're feeling adventurous, try eating some street food like falafel or kosheri—both are delicious!


After breakfast, you will be picked up from your hotel in Cairo to catch your flight to Luxor. Once you land, we will be waiting for you at the airport and transfer you to your Luxor hotel.

Upon arrival, you will meet your driver and proceed to the West Bank of the Nile River where you will visit Karnak Temple Complex, which includes The Great Temple of Amon-Re (the largest temple in Egypt & 2nd largest in the world), The Avenue of the Sphinxes (lined with 20 statues of sphinxes), The Hypostyle Hall (with 134 huge columns), The Sacred Lake (site of religious ceremonies), The Temple of Mut (goddess of motherhood & fertility), Mount Horeb (a site where Moses received the Ten Commandments) and more. Then you will visit the amazing Luxor Temple, a strikingly graceful monument in the heart of the modern town.

Next, you will head to the west bank where you visit the Valley of the Kings, where many Egyptian pharaohs were buried; Hatshepsut Temple, which was built during the reign of this female Pharaoh; Deir el-Bahri Temple complex, where there are three temples: one dedicated to Hathor where she was worshipped as a cow goddess; one dedicated to Amun-Re; and finally one dedicated to Mentuhotep II; Valley of the Queens; Medinet Habu Temple where Ramses III was buried; Ramesseum that was built by Ramses II as his funerary temple

You'll finally visit the Ramesseum Temple Complex, which was built by Ramses II in 1220 BC as his burial site. It houses both his tomb and those of his family members. Next up is Medinet Habu Temple Complex—this temple was also built by Ramses II but later expanded by Seti I (his grandson). There are two temples here: one dedicated to Amun Ra and another to Hathor. Be sure to look out for hieroglyphs on their walls!



You will enjoy the last breakfast provided as part of our services at the end of your 5-day tour package in Cairo Alexandria, and Luxor before being driven to the airport for your final departure.

End of service

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