The Hanging Church

The Hanging Church of Cairo rises majestically on the ancient tower of the fortress of Babylon. With an interior full of symbolism and icons, it has become one of the most visited monuments of the most magnetic city in Egypt. And no wonder, with an essence that mixes Roman, Egyptian and Babylonian architecture becomes a place where legend and history blur.

hanging church

Information about the Hanging Church

Our most popularly visited church is a Coptic Orthodox Church and Hanging Church which are the most interesting Egypt tours located in the Old Cairo neighborhood. In the universal ancient Coptic Cairo region, near the Amr Ibn Al-Aas Mosque, the Jewish Temple, the Synagogue of Ben Ezra, the Marina Church next to the Fort of Babylon, the Coptic Museum, and the Church of the Martyr Mercurius (Abu Seifin).

The Hanging Church in Old Cairo was notable because it was raised on one of the ancient towers of the Roman fortress of Babylon. Which was built by Emperor Trajan in the second century AD, and is considered the oldest synagogue in Egypt. The most important religious shrines that represent the Coptic heritage in the Egyptian capital Cairo and Paul was adopted for the first time in the following century.

The Roman Fortress of Babylon in Cairo

The Roman Fortress of Babylon in Cairo


The original construction was built in the 4th century A.D. but was destroyed and rebuilt in the 11th century. Expansions and reconstructions have continued for many years.

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Enjoy the Hanging Church and Coptic Museum

Hanging Church

If you decided to have a trip to Egypt you must combine a visit to The Hanging Church Coptic tour (Church of the Holy Virgin Mary) is the most famous site in the Coptic Cairo area.

The Hanging Church dates back to the 9th century and is regularly toured on any Cairo day tours. But the site is held to have first been occupied by the church as early as the 3rd century A.D, presenting it as one of the oldest religious sites in the history of Christianity in Egypt. It is deemed to be the most beautiful of the old churches in the area that should be visited with our Egypt day tours.

One of the largest museums that display the history of Christians in an interesting way is the Coptic Museum. It has the largest collection of Coptic Christian artwork and artifacts in the world. Founded in 1910, the museum registers Coptic history from the appearance of Christianity in Egypt to the Ottoman era. Representing a mixture of artwork inspired by Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman traditions. You can enjoy the stories and the great history of the Christian religion through from Coptic Cairo guide.

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The history of the Hanging Church

Hanging Church

The church is considered an archaeological entity. As it was described as the most ancient and most sacred religious monument in the world. It is located at the top of the trench. Which is one of the most important safe stations that are hidden in the Holy Family from the eyes of the men of the Roman dictator, Herod, the ruler of Palestine. When it was chosen by the Virgin Mary and her child, Christ. And their companion, Saint Joseph the carpenter.

There are six other churches here that date back to the early Christian Era. The Hanging Church Deeper into Coptic Cairo there are several other older churches, including the Church of St. Sergius. Which dates from the 5th century and was built upon the site of a crypt where the Holy Family (Jesus, Mary, and Joseph) sheltered during their time in Egypt. Ben Ezra Synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Cairo and one of the oldest in Egyptian history, founded in the 9th century on the site of the Temple of Jeremiah.

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