The Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo, despite its illustrious reputation, does not have a large floor area. It is divided into two rectangular floors, each with a series of rooms arranged around a central atrium connected by a corridor. Find out more with Cairo Top Tours!

The Egyptian Museum is believed to be the only museum worldwide with more than 100 000 Pharaonic masterpieces. It has two rectangular floors, each with many rooms arranged around a central corridor.

The  Egyptian Museum is located in the famous Tahrir square in downtown Cairo, with the Nile River on your right. Tahrir Square is Egypt's most important square, and it is shaped similarly to the square in Paris.

Enjoy one of Egypt Day Tours that include a tour to the Egyptian Museum to relish its famous masterpieces that shows the ancient Egyptian civilization and culture.

We know the famous French scientist August who was the first one who decided to build a museum for the Egyptian monuments and he has a statue in the Museum garden. Your experience to the Egyptian Museum Tour only for 2 hours with Cairo Top Tour Egyptologist who will give you a great introduction about history of Egypt and helps you to know more about Egypt during the pharaonic era. Considered to be one of the oldest and most popular museums around the globe and is definitely a very important place for various things to do in Cairo.

In the museum garden you can see the two flower symbol to Egypt Louts to upper Egypt and papyrus in lower Egypt.  At the main entrance you will see some of the Roman art to the museum, you will find 3 deities depicted on the wall, Nephthys goddess of death on the left side and the goddess Isis, goddess of magic on the right side and finally, and Hathor, goddess of love and motherhood in the middle, on the ground floor showing a wide range of papyrus scrolls and ancient coins used during ancient  Egyptian history, papyrus pieces. Some statues that were found in the tombs of the Egyptian kings like that of Thutmose the third, Amenhotep and Queen Hatshepsut.

You can see also the Rosetta Stone The key of Egyptian history, Champollion was able to figure out the letters of the hieroglyphs.  Its text is written in three scripts, hieroglyphic, demotic, Coptic. And Greek from the ancient era, We found that stone near Rosetta on the western bank of the Nile River in 1799. 

The Egyptian museum is the greatest witness on ancient history so.

We can find the fabulous Narmer palette that is represent when the ancient Egyptians were divided into two kingdoms, the Northern Kingdom and the Sothern Kingdom before King Nar-Mar finally succeeded to unify the two kingdoms and build the first capital in the history of Egypt, Memphis to become a center for ruling Egypt.

We can see also Small statues, wooden sarcophagi, jewelry, and most importantly, the treasures of the famous King Tutankhamen,like the distinguishing funerary mask of the child’s king alongside other golden sarcophagi and jewelry found in the king’s tomb.

The magnificent tomb and treasures of the forgotten names of the couple Yuya and Tuya were ancient Egyptian nobles. They became famous again at the beginning of the twentieth century. The researchers could not believe their eyes, as this event took place nearly two decades before Carter found the cemetery in the  Valley of the Kings of their grandson, Tutankhamuns and it was perhaps at these times the greatest treasure ever found in Egypt. The statue of Montuhotep the Second, who was the king between 2055-2004 BC, is amongst the most impressive in  Middle Kingdom displays, also on the second floor are models of Egyptian armies with darker-skinned soldiers of Nubian origin.

King Akhenaten masterpieces are not to be missed in the New Kingdom  antiquities, and the gigantic statue of Ramses II depicted as a child. 

We can enter and enjoy the Mummies Room in Egyptian Museum where you feel like you go back about 3000 bc and see some of Egypt’s greatest pharaohs such as that of Seti I  and Ramses II  to the female pharaoh Queen Hatshepsut

The preservation is rather scary, as many of these mummies maintain their feathery gray hair and detailed facial features, it looks like to be resting into eternity. There are also pets and animal mummies rooms and Greco-Roman era mummy portraits and a huge number of ancient Egyptian daily life objects and jewelry.


The Grand Egyptian Museum which is known also as the Giza New Museum is considered the largest archaeological museum in the world, still under construction now and is scheduled to be open for visitors in 2021, and the half-day tour to the Grand Egyptian Museum will let you explore the full collection of King Tutankhamun with many artifacts displayed uniquely, so you can try one of our Cairo Sightseeing Tours Tours to the Grand Egyptian Museum and Pyramids tour from Cairo Airport Grand Egyptian Museum to save more time and have fun in every single moment throughout visiting the ancient. The museum is built on an area of 50 hectares and the building is designed like a chamfered triangle and there is a big yard in front of it that is full of palm trees, The new museum is designed to include the most advanced technology like virtual reality experience, The museum will also be an international center for communication between museums to develop a direct connection with other regional and international museums all over the world.

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