Zeinab Khaton House

This house received great attention from the Committee for the Preservation of Arab Antiquities, and it was listed as archaeological house repairs and repairs continued for 60 years, from 1882 to 1942, and at the end of the eighties the last century, while carrying out its restoration work, one of the workers found it when he was reshaping and refining stones. On the wall of the house, a pottery jar containing a thousand dinars of gold dates back to the era of Sultan Qaitbay, who was one of the owners of the house.

The house of Zainab Khatun, which is located behind the Al-Azhar Mosque, is considered a Mamluk architectural masterpiece located in the middle of an area filled with many Islamic monuments. It dates back to the eighth century AH for Princess Khawand Chakra, daughter of Sultan Al-Nasir Hassan bin Qalawun.
In the ninth century, AH, its ownership was transferred to Mithqal Al-Suduni, head of the bartenders’ shift in the royal court. The end goes to Princess Zainab Khatun, and he has been known by her name since the 13th century AH until the present time.

Al Azhar Mosque

Al Azhar Mosque


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The house is characterized by a mixture of Mamluk and Ottoman architecture, and it contains different architectural and decorative elements such as windows, Mashrabiyas, wooden ceilings, ornate and gilded cables, marble floors, and others. the home.
After the corridor, there is an open courtyard in the middle of the house, which consists of 3 floors, and the ground floor includes a place for the mill, a kitchen, as well as a water tank, and sacks for storing crops and supplies.

The house used the period of the French campaign against Egypt as a secret hospital to treat the wounded and aid the injured during the reign of Zainab Khatoun, who provided a wonderful example of a militant woman who loves her country and plays a patriotic role and resists the enemies and allows the men of the popular resistance against the French to shelter and support with everything she has to eliminate this brutal occupation and get rid of its soldiers and led him.


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