Explore Ancient Egypt with a Group Tour to Cairo, White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis!

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Explore Ancient Egypt with a Group Tour to Cairo, White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis!

Experience the wonders of Egypt with an Egypt group tour to Cairo, the White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis! This tour offers travelers the chance to explore the mysterious and captivating sites of Egypt, from the ancient wonders of the Giza Necropolis to the stunning White Desert to the pristine Bahariya Oasis. On the guided tour, you will learn about the culture and history of Egypt, as well as a trek through the country's stunning landscapes. Visit some of the most iconic sites in Egypt, such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings. Enjoy the beauty of the White Desert, with its sand dunes and surreal landscapes through our Egypt desert safari tours. And explore the vibrant Bahariya Oasis with its unique flora and fauna. This tour is a great way to experience the beauty and charm of Egypt. you can check out our Egypt travel packages



Meet and greet service by our tour leaders at the airports

Assistance by Cairo Top Tours representatives

All transports are organized by a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel for 4 nights with breakfast

Accommodation for 1 night in Bahariya Oasis with breakfast

Accommodation camping in the White Desert .full board

Entrance fees and tickets to all the mentioned sites

Stops for snacks upon request.

All meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

Shopping tours in Cairo and Bahariya Oasis.

Bottled waters and cold drinks during all Egypt Tours.

All service charges and taxes are included.


International flight tickets.

Entry visa to Egypt.

Beverage during meals.

Tipping is not included in our Cairo and Bahariya Oasis Tours.

Tour price doesn't apply during peak seasons like the Xmas tours in Egypt, New Year, or during Egypt Easter tours

Your tour guide greets you at Cairo International Airport as you arrive. He will assist you at the airport with the essential activities. Then he takes you to a luxurious, air-conditioned vehicle where he will help you check in to your hotel without incident. He will go over your 7-day vacation package's itinerary with you after you've checked in to confirm the pick-up times for each tour and activity.

Hotel stay the night in Cairo.
Welcome beverage

Enjoy our Cairo Day Tour to Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramids, one of our top Cairo Tours, and embark on the most exciting experience of your life. The largest and most well-known Step Pyramid of the Pharaoh Djoser is at Saqqara Necropolis, which is where your expert Egyptologist guide will meet you and take you there in a luxurious private car. It towers over the necropolis and can be seen from all directions. Around 2650 BC, the renowned architect of Imhotep's ancient dynasty built the pyramid. Legend has it that he was the one who came up with the idea of raising the classical Egyptian tomb from its original rectangular mastaba shape. In reality, he gave the order to stack one mastaba on top of another.

Continue on with your Egypt Tours to another nearby necropolis called Dahshur, where more pyramids proudly remain to remind us that ancient Egyptian history was filled with great Kings and Rulers. Its area is 1.5 km3, and it situated 26 km south of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile. On the rocky plateau of Dahshur, pyramids dating to the 4th, 12th, and 13th dynasties were discovered. The Red Pyramid of King Senefru and the Bent Pyramid are better maintained than other pyramids in the region. During your Cairo Day Tours, lunch will be served in a neighbourhood restaurant before you are driven back to your hotel.

To begin your daily Cairo day tours, our tour guide will meet you at your hotel in Cairo or Giza in the morning. Start your Coptic and Islamic Cairo Tour with going inside the Saladin Citadel and the Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, which served as the capital of Egypt for many years.

Around 1176 A.D., Salah Al-Din, a well-known Muslim leader, constructed the Citadel of Saladin. Given that the design was inspired by Istanbul's renowned Blue Mosque of Sultan Ahmed, it serves as a representation of Ottoman architecture in Cairo. You will be taken to another historic location in the area to see the mosque of Ibn Tulun, the oldest still-standing mosque in Africa, the Mamluk mosque and Madrasas of Sultan Hassan, and the Islamic complex dubbed by historians the pyramid of Islamic architecture in Cairo.

Large mosque and madrassa known as the Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa were built in Cairo's Old City during the Mamluk Islamic era of Egypt. The mosque's astounding size and cutting-edge architectural characteristics were acclaimed as astonishing when it was first constructed. Al-Maqrizi wrote that the mosque was home to various "wonders of construction" and that an-Nasir Hasan, a sultan with a brief and unremarkable history, had ordered its construction.

During Egypt's Mamluk Islamic era, a sizable mosque and madrassa known as the Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa were constructed in the Old City of Cairo. The mosque was unique when it was first built because of its enormous size and cutting-edge architectural features. Al-Maqrizi asserted that the unimpressive and transitory sultan an-Nasir Hasan had given the mosque his approval and that it included several "wonders of architecture."

return you to your hotel so that you can sleep there.

After breakfast on the second day of your vacation, you'll travel in an air-conditioned car to the Baharyia oasis, where you'll be shown through the sights.

The first location you go is the Museum of Golden Mummies, Egypt's greatest Greco-Roman cemetery is the 36 km2 Valley of the Golden Mummies, which was found in the Bahariya Oasis in 1996 AD. The majority of the 250 mummies discovered belonged to a rich class that had resided in Bahariya Oasis during the Greco-Roman era.

Black Desert, which is the following stop and is located after the Bahariya Oasis, is a bit to the north of White Desert. The thin covering of black powder that covers this desert's rocks, mountains, and desert gave it its name. You're going to have lunch while you're here.

After that, we'll return you to your hotel so you may spend the night there.

We'll travel to the White Desert, which is a part of Farafra Oasis, after breakfast. On the route, we'll stop for a rest stop to see the Black Desert, which is made up of a number of Black formations and mountains that are densely covered with ancient volcanic rocks. The next place we'll pass through is the Valley of El Haize, the last village of Bahariya to the south. If you'd like, you can take a hot spring bath right here.

In order to practise sandboarding and witness the quartz crystal in the Crystal Mountains, we'll subsequently drive you to the magnificent Valley of Agabat. Last but not least, you'll spend the night camping in the White Desert and get to see a magnificent sunset while your guides prepare your delectable lunch.

After a hearty breakfast, you'll head to the White Desert to explore the hot springs and marvel at the magnificent white limestone formations that have been shaped over thousands of years by the yearly sandstorms that pass through this region. These formations are known locally by many names, including the Mushroom and the Rabbit.

When you get to Bahariya Oasis, you'll change to a more comfortable vehicle and take Bahariya back to your Cairo hotel.

On the final day of your trip, after breakfast, a private vehicle will transport you to the Cairo airport, when our assistance will come to an end.

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