Sultan Hassan Complex

Sultan Hassan Mosque and Madrasa


Mosque of Sultan Hassan is considered one of the largest mosques in the world and especially in Islamic Cairo, measuring 150m in length and covering an area of 7,906 sq m. Its walls rise to 36m high and its tallest minaret is 68m. Visitors can enter the complex through a tall portal that is a work of exceptional art. A dark and relatively low-ceilinged passageway leads to the brightly sahn, a standard cruciform-plan open courtyard. The courtyard centers on a domed ablutions fountain, which was probably an Ottoman addition. Soaring on four sides of the courtyard are vaulted iwans (sitting rooms), accented by hanging lamp chains and red-and-black rims.

The Mosque of Sultan Hassan is founded by the famous Mamluk Sultan Hassan, son of the great Mamluk Sultan Al-Nasser Mohamed Ibn Qalawoun. He ruled two interrupted reigns, the first time in 1347, when he was 13 years old, to be dethroned by the other Mamluk princes and generals. The second time was in 1356A.D, and before he had time to put an end to the power of the princes and high officials, they made a revolution against him. It said that he escaped from the Citadel of Salah Eldin but he was found and imprisoned, never to be seen again. Most probably he was murdered 16 years after his ascension to the throne. He left 10 sons and 6 daughters behind.

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The School attached to the Mosque or The Madrassa-Mosque contains 4 Madrassas to teach the four rights of Sunnism Sect in Islam, the area of the Madrasa is 7,906 square meters large. Its many sides make it quite distinguishable. It has 4 facades with the 2 main ones being most important.


As typical in the Mamluk style of architecture planning, the qibla iwan is the largest of the 4 iwans inside the Mosque. The Dekkat Al-Mouballegh known as the bench of the repeater is situated at the front of the qibla iwan and is made out of marble, raised above 8 pillars and 3 piers. There are 2 doors opened in the Quibla wall leading to a mausoleum dome behind the mihrab, where the Sultan is rumored to be buried. The Mausoleum dome is 21 square meters and its decoration is similar to that of the qibla iwan.

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