Vacaciones en grupo de 12 días a El Cairo, desierto blanco con crucero por el Nilo

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Con un circuito por Egipto que incluye excursiones de un día por El Cairo, un crucero por el Nilo y una parada en el famoso Desierto Blanco, podrá descubrir las bellezas de Egipto. A lo largo de su viaje por el país se encontrará con culturas y actividades muy diversas, desde la agitada vida urbana de El Cairo hasta la serenidad de un crucero por el Nilo. Embárquese en diferentes paquetes de viajes a Egipto para explorar sus antiguos monumentos y lugares de interés, al tiempo que conoce la majestuosidad y el esplendor del Desierto Blanco. Saldrá de Egipto con recuerdos de valor incalculable y un renovado aprecio por el país si dispone de tiempo suficiente para relajarse, explorar y disfrutar de las vistas.

  • Servicios de recepción y bienvenida por parte de nuestros representantes en los aeropuertos a su llegada y durante su partida.
  • Alojamiento durante 8 noches en el hotel de las pirámides de El Cairo, con desayuno incluido.
  • Su alojamiento durante 3 noches a bordo de 5 estrellas de lujo Egipto Nilo cruceros en régimen de pensión completa. ( Blue shadow ) o similar.
  • Las entradas a los sitios y templos como se menciona en el itinerario de El Cairo, Crucero por el Nilo Tour.
  • Un guía turístico autorizado de habla inglesa durante todos nuestros paquetes de viajes a Egipto.
  • Los servicios de transporte se realizan en un vehículo de lujo para no fumadores.
  • Vuelo interno de ida y vuelta de El Cairo a Asuán y de regreso de Luxor a El Cairo.
  • Todas las excursiones de un día a El Cairo, Luxor y Asuán son estrictamente privadas.
  • Agua embotellada y refrescos gratis durante nuestros Tours de un día de Egipto.
  • Comidas como se menciona en el itinerario detallado de la 12Days Cairo, Nile Cruise & White Tour desierto.
  • Paradas para aperitivos bajo petición.
  • Tours de compras en El Cairo, Luxor, Aswan (bajo petición).
  • Todos los impuestos y cargos por servicios de sus viajes a Egipto están cubiertos en el precio del viaje
  • Billetes de avión internacionales.
  • Visado de entrada a Egipto.
  • Bebidas durante las comidas.
  • Propinas al conductor, los guías o la tripulación del crucero por el Nilo.
  • Precio del tour no se aplica durante las temporadas altas como Navidad, Año Nuevo, o durante los viajes de Pascua Egipto.
  • Cualquier viaje adicional en Egipto que no se mencionan en nuestro programa.

Hello from Cairo! At Cairo International Airport, our tour guide will be waiting for you with a sign bearing your name to help you with all the necessary formalities as you start your Egypt small group tours. From the airport, you'll ride in your luxurious, air-conditioned vehicle to get to your hotel. When you arrive at the hotel, our tour guide from Cairo Top Tours will help you check in without incident. He will also go over the itinerary for your Egypt Travel Packages with you to confirm the pick-up times for each of the individual tours.

Cairo's overnight stay

Welcome beverage

Before beginning your Cairo Day Tours to the Giza Pyramids,Saqqara, and Memphis, have your breakfast at the hotel.

You will be escorted by our tour guide to the Giza pyramids where you can view the Great Pyramid of Cheops as well as the pyramids of Chephren and Mycerinus. Then proceed to the Valley Temple of King Chephren, where his royal corpse had been mummified before burial, where you will see the Great Sphinx, the Pharaoh's head, and the body of a lion to symbolize the power and intelligence of the king. Your guide will go over each step of the mummification process with you.

Lunchtime has arrived! After stopping for lunch, which will be provided at a high-quality restaurant, you'll be taken to Sakkara to see the Step Pyramid of King Zoser, which is thought to be the oldest man-built structure made entirely of stone in the entire world (Djoser Pyramid). Additionally, you will see the Kagemni tomb, one of the noble tombs at Saqqara owned by the son-in-law of King Teti, as well as the pyramid of Teti, which has the most spectacular interior of all the accessible pyramids of Egypt (neither of which require an additional ticket). These sites allow you to see daily life scenes from ancient Egypt with all of its activities inscribed and painted on the walls and corridors of the tombs.

After that, we'll transport you to Memphis, which is only 20 minutes away from Saqqara and includes an outdoor museum where you can see statues and other relics from the ancient city of the pharaohs, including the enormous statue of Ramses II and the alabaster sphinx constructed from an eighty-ton marble block.

You will be picked up from your hotel by an experienced tour guide from Cairo Top Tours to begin the tour of Coptic Cairo and the Egyptian museum. You will be taken to the Egyptian Antiquities Museum. Enjoy a journey through the rich history of ancient Egypt while viewing the largest collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, which is on display. Your Egyptologist tour guide will go over all the highlights, including King Tutankhamen's treasures, which are the only royal treasures to have been discovered intact. They consist of a sizable collection of gold and jewelry that was buried under the sand for more than three thousand years before the tomb was excavated in 1 BC.

You will first stop for lunch at a high-quality restaurant before traveling to Coptic Cairo to begin your well-known and frequently visited Coptic Cairo tour. You will be amazed by The Hanging Church, one of the highlights of old Cairo, and you will also stop at the Church of St. Sergius, also known as the Cavern Church, which was constructed above the crypt where the Holy Family spent nearly three months and the well where the Holy Family drank. Finally, you will go to the Ben Ezra Synagogue, which is reputed to have been the location of the pharaoh's palace where Moses picked up the basket from the Nile.

Continue with our Cairo Sightseeing Tours to see the different remnants of medieval Cairo to view the old walls, mosques, and Islamic Cairo trips. The city's medieval madrasas, sails, and gates, as well as its ancient stone-paved alleys, date to the 10th century. The walk concludes with tea at Fishawy's Oldest Cafe in Khan El Khalili, the ancient bazaar. then return you back to our Cairo hotel.

After breakfast, your tour guide will take you on a tour of Old Cairo, where you will see the Citadel of Salah El Din and the Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali, which is a unique example of Ottoman architecture in Cairo because it was inspired by Istanbul's famed Blue Mosque. The Citadel is known as the seat of the Egyptian government because it was built there from Salah El Din until King Farouk's rule in the first half of the 20th century.

Then, in order to understand more about Egypt, we will go to The Cairo Tower, a free-standing concrete tower in Cairo, Egypt. It is currently Cairo's highest point. At 187 m, it has held the title of tallest structure in Egypt and North Africa for about 50 years. From up there, you can see the Saladin Citadel, the Nile, and all of Cairo. From 1910 to 1971, it held the record for highest building in Africa. It is a lovely viewpoint and a wonderful experience.

After that, go back to your hotel and spend the night there.

To begin our special and wonderful visit to Baron Palace, your tour guide will pick you up from your accommodation. Edward Empain was bestowed the title of baron by the French king in recognition of his contributions to the construction of the Paris metro. when he got to Egypt. To be interred in Egypt was specified in his bequest. He suggested building Heliopolis, which is Greek for "city of the sun," as a new settlement in the desert. There are numerous fairy tales centered on the horrifying Baron Empain Palace, which you can find there.

Then you will be taken to Abdeen Palace, which is regarded as one of the most opulent palaces in the world due to its decoration, paintings, and several clocks that are dispersed throughout the halls and wings and are most often embellished with pure gold.

The palace of Mohammed Ali, also known as the Manial Castle Museum of Prince Mohamed Ali, is a special royal palace where you can view a variety of cultures, including Islamic and European culture from various ages, all in one location. There are wonderful locations to capture precious images as a remembrance. You'll later be driven back to your hotel.

You will move to Luxor day tours! After leaving your accommodation in Cairo in the morning, you will be driven to Cairo Airport to board a domestic flight to Luxor, the country's tourism hub, where our representative will meet and help you. Your Egypt Nile River Cruise will be your means of experiencing the allure of the endless river and learning more about its fascinating monuments and history. We will meet you at Luxor and accompany you for about 30 minutes of driving to the cruise ship. Check-in and relax in your stateroom, then have lunch supplied on the Nile cruise as we begin our exploration of Luxor.

The complex of Karnak temples, which was constructed over a period of two millennia to serve as a natural museum of ancient Egyptian art, a blueprint of the might and splendor of a golden era, and a repository of historical knowledge, will be the first stop on our East Bank of Luxor tour. Next, visit the temple at Luxor, which serves as a further indicator of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom's splendor. After that, you'll be taken back to the boat where you can unwind and have a leisurely evening until your delicious dinner is served in the restaurant. Spend the first night of your Nile River Cruise at Luxor in a calm and peaceful way.

Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the magnificent dining room of the Nile Cruise before the start of our Egypt day tours. The rock-carved tombs of the New Kingdom pharaohs in the Valley of the Kings and the Queen Hatshepsut temple or El-Dier El Bahari by the small train are two of the most well-known sites in Egypt that we will see today after disembarking from the boat.

After this unforgettable Luxor tour experience on the west bank, you will be brought back to the cruise ship, where you will eat lunch as the ship makes her way to Esna to bridge the Lock. On the upper deck of the cruise ship, enjoy tea while admiring the breathtaking panorama of the lovely Nile Valley. Upon arrival in Edfu, where you will spend the evening belly dancing and musical performance on the calm waters of the Nile, a delectable oriental dinner will be served on board.

The Nile Cruise will serve your breakfast before stopping at Edfu in Aswan day tours, so that you can ride in a horse-drawn carriage to see the famous temple there that is devoted to the worship of the falcon God Horus. After visiting the temple, all of the passengers will board the ship again to continue sailing to Kom Ombo. After arriving, we will depart for an incredible tour of the Kom Ombo temple, which was constructed in memory of two deities: the crocodile god Sobek and Haroeris, one of the Horus forms worshiped in Kom Ombo.

While you are enjoying your tea, reboard the Nile Cruise, which will begin cruising in the direction of Aswan. The evening meal will be provided, and you can enjoy the entertainment before overnight on board.

Enjoy your breakfast while traveling on the Nile Cruise, and then get ready to embark on an Aswan day tour. First, you'll be taken to see the impressive Aswan High Dam, and then you'll be taken to see the largest unfinished obelisk in Egypt, which is located in the granite quarries in Aswan. After visiting these historical sites, you'll be driven back to the Nile Cruise. On board, a high-quality lunch will be provided as you take in the amazing vistas of the Nile River, the naturally preserved islands, and the various visiting birds soaring above the city. while enjoying tea on the roomy sundeck, let the grandeur of these sights fill your eyes.

The rest of the day can be spent at Leisure, where you can sunbathe on the upper deck, swim in the pool, unwind in your cabin, or get a massage at the cutting-edge spa the boat offers.

You will be served a delectable meal on board and spend the final night of your Nile Cruise at Aswan.

After finishing your final delicious breakfast on the Nile Cruise, check out. Next, bid farewell to your friends before being driven in a contemporary vehicle to the Aswan airport for your Egypt trips back to Cairo. You will be greeted and accompanied by one of our representatives when you arrive at Cairo International Airport, and they will drive you to your hotel for the night.

The journey begins at 6 am with pickup from your Cairo accommodation and travels out of the city through the neighboring desert landscapes. The first stop of the day is the stunning Bahariya Oasis, which was originally the main agricultural center of the Pharaonic Empire.

It has earned a reputation for having an abundance of dates and olives. Visit the oasis with the aid of your guide and enjoy the vast surroundings of shady palm trees and natural springs.

After lunch, go to the Black Desert for a breathtaking view of the area's rugged, mountain-like domes that contrast with the surrounding sand. Next, take a stroll into the charming Agabat valley, which is nearby and includes imposing white cliff walls and yellow limestone rocks.

Continue to the Crystal Mountain, a remarkably uncommon building made entirely of calcite crystal that shimmers and shines in the Egyptian sun.

Next, head to the White Desert, which got its name from the vast area of white sand it contains. A few sand dunes can be climbed for breathtaking views that never seem to end.

Finally, relax as you go back to Cairo, check into your hotel, and spend the night there.

Next, head to the White Desert, which got its name from the vast area of white sand it contains. A few sand dunes can be climbed for breathtaking views that never seem to end.

Finally, relax as you go back to Cairo, check into your hotel, and spend the night there.

After breakfast, our representative will transport you back to Cairo International Airport for your last departure.

The conclusion of our 12-day private tour to Egypt.

Dining: Breakfast

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Traveling to Egypt offers a captivating journey through prestigious historical sites. Optimize your itinerary with comprehensive multi-site circuits that include renowned areas like the majestic Sphinx and the colossal pyramids of Giza. Expert guides will handle transportation and effortlessly share fascinating stories as you explore these iconic landmarks.


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