Black Desert

The Black Desert Egypt | The Black Desert in Egypt

If there is a modern road takes to Siwa Oasis from Cairo, there is also a new highway that eases the White Desert tour from Cairo, little to the North of the White Desert, an area of chalk formations carved yearly during the sand storms into such beautiful shapes where tourists love to go and take pictures.

In Egypt, travelers will have the opportunity to visit one of the most unusual sand regions in the world, the Black Desert. It was formed over thousands of years by the volcanic activity that took place in the area. Now, the desert is covered with black stones of hardened lava. In some places, you can see majestic hills covered with black stones. Other parts are large plains with orange to brown terrains.

In this place, the mountains have been eroding to cover the desert with a layer of dust and black rocks, which has given it its name. A good option is to climb up the English Mountain, the highest point of the Black Desert, to enjoy the wonderful views of its strange landscape.

It is usual to climb one of the mountains to observe the landscape, and check the iron composition of the black stones, which when they hit them emit a metallic sound.

The most frequent is to access by private vehicle (rented or excursion) because the minibusses, which come or go from the capital, do not have an established stop in the area, as is logical. There is the possibility to spend the night "freely" in it.

the White Desert Egypt tour usually takes you also to visit the Black Desert located to the north of Farafra Oasis in Western Sahara, this name is called, due to the existence of a layer of black powder covering its mountains, plateaus, and sand, this black material came as a result of rock erosion over the is closer to Bahriya Oasis than Farafra, approximately 50 km to the South of Bawiti. Before you leave the Black Desert heading south you will see black volcanic hills that ages ago erupted a dark volcanic material called dolerite, which is what the black rocks are made of. Climb up the English Mountain which is the highest point in the Black Desert and you will be awarded an amazing view of the strange landscape during your White Desert tours.
The Black Desert is part of the Egyptian western desert
 and it is considered one of the must-visit places during Egypt desert safari trips as well as Egypt Day tours. It can be seen as you pass the road from Bahariya to Farafra, but if you want to venture into its depths a tour guide is advised, tours can easily be arranged from either Bahariya or Farafra.

there is a range of captivating Cairo day tours that can cross the oasis plus both the White and the Black Desert, it is going to be a long trip but it is surely very much deserving it.

You can visit the black desert during many of the Egypt desert safari trips and Egypt Travel Packages:
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