Day tour to Suez canal from Cairo

Enjoy a wonderful day in Ismailia to see one of the most essential international corridors which connects Europe to the Far East, India as well as the oil-producing countries in the Arab peninsula during our Cairo day tour to the famous Suez Canal, which connects the Mediterranean to the Red sea and it is considered the longest man-made canal in the world.

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If you are interested to view the connecting point between Asia and Africa? this is your chance if you plan your trip in Egypt, make sure to try one of our best tours from Cairo and spend a Day tour to the Suez canal from Cairo. The Suez Canal is one of the most strategic corridors in the world that connects the West to the East, associating the Red Sea with the Mediterranean sea. It has been created to decrease the time of passing between Africa and Asia and Europe. you will get to see the huge Cargo Ships, Oil carriers and passengers cruise ship going through Suez Canal which was opened for traffic in 1869 and has been renovated more than one time until the last renovation that has been conducted by Egypt's current government due to its unique geographic location. It has great importance in driving development in Egypt and pushing the wheel of the Egyptian economy in the global trade hub and global logistics center, as it cost each of the boats an average of half million American Dollars to sail through the canal from one side to the other, which makes it the main source of the Egyptian national income since it has been nationalized in 1956.

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Your Egyptologist guide assigned by Cairo Top Tours will meet you at the hotel at the agreed time to join our Cairo day tour to the Suez canal which starts daily in the morning from any hotel or private house in Cairo or in Giza. you will be transferred by a modern vehicle to Ismailia which takes about two hours and a half driving from Cairo ( Ismailia is named after Khedwe Ismail the king of Egypt during his reign the canal was opened ) to witness one of the great achievements in Egypt, the Suez canal. going there is definitely one of the best things to do in Cairo.

When you arrive at Ismailia we are going to visit the Suez Canal and get a clear view of all the vessels that pass through this man-made canal from the military club while enjoying a hot drink, This immense canal extends to 190 kilometers from the city of Suez which forms the southern access to the canal from the Red Sea to the harbor of Port Said on the Mediterranean to the north, and it reduces the journey between Europe and India or the Far East by roughly 60000 miles shorter better than making a round through the famous old route known as the cape of good hope in South-Africa. If we are allowed, we will also cross the canal by the boat to Sinai and visit one of the strongest military points there, “Tabbat al Shagara “ it is the defensive point which operated the 190 km defensive line made by Israel on the East bank of the Canal and it was captured by the Egyptian army during 1973 war between Egypt and Israel and you will learn more about this conflict which ended with the peace treaty signed by the 2 countries in Camp David and it was sponsored by the American government.

When you finish your day tour to the Suez canal from Cairo, you will be transferred back by the air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel in Cairo.

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