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Red Sea Governorate is one in every of the twenty seven governorates of Egypt. set between the Nile River and also the sea within the southeast of the country, its southern border forms a part of Egypt's border with Sudan. Its capital and largest town is Hurghada

some of the red sea tourist attractions:-

1- t. Anthony's religious residence
Founded by devotees of St. Anthony, the daddy of austerity, it's claimed that St. Anthony's religious residence is the oldest religious residence in the world.
It sits amid barren cliffs, 254 kilometers north of Hurghada. The religious residence is located slightly below the cave wherever St. Anthony people follow the Associate in Nursing ascetic life of prayer and solitude.
Probably beginning life as a little clutch of humble dwellings, the religious residence these days is enclosed by thick fortified walls erected within the tenth century once monks found themselves oftentimes vulnerable to Bedouin raiders.
Inside, large palm-tree-shaded gardens opened up between caramel-toned mud-brick buildings, wherever the monastery's monks still live.
The real highlights of a visit here, though, are the wall paintings within the 6th-century Church of St. Anthony. the inside is roofed with vibrantly colored and unbelievably healthy frescoes of Coptic saints, that are notable for being among the best samples of Egyptian Coptic Christian art.
For those on a non-secular journey, St. Anthony's Cave sits 270 meters up the cliffside higher than the religious residence. this is often wherever the saint spent the last twenty years of his life.

2- t. Paul's religious residence
t. Paul's religious residence (241 kilometers north of Hurghada) is far smaller than St. Anthony's and honors St. Paul the Hermit, United Nations agency is believed to be the primary monk to require up the tight life.
The religious residence has been functioning since a minimum of the sixth century, once devotees of St. Paul began to flock here on pilgrimages.
Inside the thick medieval defensive structure walls, neat mud-brick buildings imbue the religious residence with a way of serenity.
Three churches are the most points of interest for guests here: St. Paul's Church is believed to possess been designed precisely over the spot wherever St. Paul junction rectifies his ascetic lifetime of solitude.

3- valley of al-Gimel
Wadi al-Gimel territory could be a starkly lovely landscape that hides the remains of Rome's emerald mines.
The main archaeologic website here is Sikait, which was the settlement for the miners sent to extract the valuable inexperienced stone from the arid mountains.
A small temple dedicated to the immortal Isis sits sliced into the rock face enclosed by the crumbling remains of easy stone homes.
Nearby are the ruins of Nugrus, wherever the particular mine was placed, whereas another 2 little settlement remains (named Apollonia and Gelil) lie simply some kilometers away and once acted as commercialism stations.

The Best Destinations within the Red Sea of Egypt
      - Dahab
      - Sharm sheik
      - Hurghada
      - El Gouna


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