Islamic Cairo in-depth tour

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 Islamic Cairo tour

Experience visiting the old ages and the history that is embodied and represented in the streets and vintage mosques of Islamic Cairo.

Tour to Islamic Cairo Mosques

 On our tour, you will be accompanied by a guide to see the historical and old mosques with their beautiful constructions and decorations. In addition, you will have a walking tour inside the enchanting streets of old Cairo

You will also have the opportunity to Visit local bazaars, ancient medieval gates, domes, minarets, old cobblestone streets, and modest cafes is highly recommended. Additionally, this exciting Tour of the Islamic Cairo Mosque provides an opportunity to learn more about the Islamic history of Egypt. These are the locations that define Egypt's enormous capital. This is a necessary private Cairo trip experience!  

Visiting the Islamic Cairo attractions is an integral part of visiting Cairo to enjoy its brilliant history and attractions. Even if you're just stopping over in Cairo, don't miss out on the chance to book one of our Cairo Day Tours From the Airport. 


The day tour includes transportation service from the hotel/ Airport to the site.

We provide secure, clean, and air-conditioned cars for your transportation. 

An English-speaking specialist will be with you during your Egypt Day Tours.

Have a good time for shopping and seeing products.

Have a cold water bottle and soft drink as a greeting during your Day tour.

Admission tickets cost to the included historical sites 

If you are interested, we can arrange shopping tours in Cairo. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to try local tea, mint, or coffee at famous cafes such as El-Fishawy or Layali El-Hussein.

 All the charges and fees related to the day tour are included in the itinerary.


Extra cost not mentioned in the plan of the itinerary

Give gratuities to the staff through our Egypt Tours and Cairo Trips.

During Ramadan, the historical sites' timing ends at 3:00 pm, so the tours usually start one hour early.

The cost of the trip is valid for Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt and Egypt Easter tours.

 Have a new distinguishable tour seeing the impressive architecture that is immortal for hundred years.  After that meet your guide from Cairo Top Tours meeting you in the hotel and leading you to the Citadel of Salah El-Din and Mohammed Ali Mosque. The Citadel, one of Salah El Din's prominent construction that was built to encircle the Fustat and Cairo streets, is massively built to protect the great capital. It’s also situated on a high plateau, allowing for stunning panoramic views of Cairo as it was constructed in 1176 A.D. by the Arab Sultan Salah El-Din to protect Cairo during the Crusader battles led by King Richard the Lionhearted. Make sure to be ready for an informative and exciting tour!


The Citadel functioned as both a military fortress and the administrative hub of Egypt from its inception until the 1950s. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Cairo, the Mohammed Ali Mosque, was constructed during the early 1800s and is identifiable by its twin, pointed minarets situated atop the Citadel.


Next, we will continue with our tours of Cairo's attractive cities and visit the renowned Sultan Hassan Mosque, also referred to as the Pyramid of Islamic Architecture, constructed in the 13th century. This mosque is considered a symbol of Islamic art and architecture. Additionally, the complex contained four madrasas that educated students on the four rites of the Sunni sect of Islam, as well as housing for non-local students.


Before heading to the Ibn Tulun Mosque, which is the oldest mosque in Cairo, you should visit the Rifai Mosque as well as the tombs of King Farouk and Mohammed Bahalawi, the last Shah of Iran. At the Ibn Tulun Mosque, you can climb its minarets to enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. Afterward, take a break and have a delicious lunch at a fine restaurant. Then, explore the ancient gates of Cairo, which have existed for over a thousand years. Start your explorations at Bab Zuweila and El Moez Street, which is the world's largest open-air museum of Islamic art.


Conclude your tour at Khan el-Khalili, the local bazaar comprising a complex network of narrow passageways. This marvelous market is among the largest in the world and provides an authentic shopping experience. Once you finish exploring,  try the Egyptian tea or coffee at a historic café like Fishawy.


Upon completion of your travels to Cairo, transportation will be provided to return to your accommodation in either Giza or Cairo.


1 Person

$95 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$65 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$55 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$45 Per Person

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The Babylon Fortress, the Coptic Museum, the Hanging Church, the Greek Church of St. George, and numerous other Coptic churches and historical sites are all located in Coptic Cairo, a section of Old Cairo.

The al-Azhar Mosque was the first mosque to be built in the Fatimid city of Cairo. It is also the oldest and largest Islamic university in the world and is attended by students from many countries.

The Al Rifa'i Mosque is an impressive Muslim temple in Cairo. It is also known as the Royal Mosque for being the burial place of a number of Egyptian royal family members.

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Coptic Cairo boasts significant landmarks like the Hanging Church (Saint Virgin Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church), the Coptic Museum, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, and the Church of St. Sergius and Bacchus. These sites offer insights into Egypt's Christian heritage and architecture.

I'm here to provide information and answer questions, but I don't personally offer tours or sell tickets. However, I can certainly provide you with information about museums and art exhibitions in Cairo that you might be interested in visiting.

Cairo is home to a rich cultural heritage, and you'll find several museums and art galleries worth exploring. Some of the notable ones include:

Egyptian Museum (Egyptian Museum of Antiquities): This world-renowned museum in Tahrir Square houses an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the treasures of Tutankhamun. It's a must-visit for anyone interested in Egypt's ancient history.

The Museum of Islamic Art: Located in the historic Cairo Citadel, this museum features an impressive collection of Islamic art and artifacts, including ceramics, textiles, manuscripts, and more.

The Coptic Museum: Situated in Coptic Cairo, this museum showcases the history and art of Egypt's Coptic Christian community. It houses a diverse collection of Coptic Christian artifacts, including textiles, icons, and manuscripts.

The Museum of Modern Egyptian Art: Located on Gezira Island, this museum features modern and contemporary Egyptian art, including paintings, sculptures, and installations by Egyptian artists.

The Mahmoud Khalil Museum: This art museum in Giza houses a collection of European and Egyptian art, including works by renowned artists such as Monet, Renoir, and Van Gogh.

The Palace of Arts (Manasterly Palace): This cultural center in Cairo hosts various art exhibitions, concerts, and cultural events. It's a hub for contemporary art and cultural activities.

Townhouse Gallery: Situated in downtown Cairo, the Townhouse Gallery is a contemporary art space known for its exhibitions, workshops, and events featuring local and international artists.

Cairo's Islamic quarter is a treasure trove of historical landmarks, showcasing the rich history and architectural heritage of Islamic civilization. Here are some must-visit historical landmarks in Islamic Cairo:

Al-Azhar Mosque: Founded in 970 AD, Al-Azhar is one of the oldest universities in the world and a prominent center of Islamic learning. The mosque itself is an architectural masterpiece with beautiful minarets and courtyards.

The Mosque-Madrassa of Sultan Hassan: This massive complex was built in the 14th century and is renowned for its stunning Mamluk architecture. The mosque features towering minarets and an impressive interior.

Al-Rifa'i Mosque: Located adjacent to Sultan Hassan Mosque, Al-Rifa'i Mosque is known for its grandiose design and houses the tombs of several Egyptian royal family members, including King Farouk.

Ibn Tulun Mosque: One of Cairo's oldest and most well-preserved mosques, Ibn Tulun Mosque features a unique spiral minaret and a large courtyard with elegant arches.

Khan el-Khalili: This historic bazaar is a bustling marketplace where you can shop for traditional crafts, jewelry, spices, and more. It's a great place to soak up the local atmosphere.

Bab Zuweila: One of Cairo's ancient city gates, Bab Zuweila offers a chance to climb its minaret for panoramic views of Islamic Cairo. It's a historic landmark with an excellent vantage point.

The Saladin Citadel of Cairo: This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a historic fortress and complex that includes the Mosque of Muhammad Ali (Alabaster Mosque). The mosque's towering domes and minarets dominate Cairo's skyline.

Sultan Al-Muayyad Mosque: Known for its intricate decorative work, this mosque is notable for its minaret, which was used by medieval scholars to observe the moon.

The Mosque of Amr Ibn Al-As is the first mosque built in Egypt, constructed in 642 AD, and one of the oldest mosques in the Islamic world.

The Sabil-Kuttab of Katkhuda: This unique structure served as both a public fountain (sabil) and a religious school (kuttab). It showcases stunning Ottoman-era architecture.

Al-Hakim Mosque: Built in the 10th century, this mosque is known for its distinctive minarets and its association with the eccentric Fatimid Caliph Al-Hakim bi-Amr Allah.

Qalawun Complex: This complex includes a mosque, madrasa, and mausoleum. It's celebrated for its elaborate architecture and artistic details.

The Gayer-Anderson Museum: Explore the well-preserved historic house of a British officer, showcasing a blend of Islamic and Coptic design elements.

Bab al-Futuh: Another historic city gate in Cairo, Bab al-Futuh offers insights into medieval city fortifications and architecture.

Al-Muizz Street (Al-Muizz li-Din Allah Street): This historic street is lined with numerous mosques, mausoleums, and historic buildings, making it a walking tour of Islamic Cairo's treasures.

Al-Azhar Mosque is one of the most historically significant and revered religious institutions in the Islamic world. Its significance in Islamic history can be understood in several key aspects:

Educational Center: Al-Azhar is renowned as one of the oldest continuously operating universities in the world. It was founded in the year 970 CE during the Fatimid Caliphate, making it over a millennium old. The mosque and its associated university have played a pivotal role in Islamic education, scholarship, and the dissemination of knowledge. It has been a center for the study of Islamic law, theology, philosophy, grammar, rhetoric, and various other disciplines. Graduates of Al-Azhar have gone on to hold influential positions in religious, educational, and political institutions throughout the Islamic world.

Theological Authority: Al-Azhar has been a center for Sunni Islamic scholarship and orthodoxy. It has played a crucial role in interpreting and preserving Islamic tradition and theology. It is considered one of the highest authorities in Sunni Islam, and its scholars have often provided religious guidance on important issues.

Cultural and Historical Importance: The mosque's architectural and cultural significance is also noteworthy. It is an architectural masterpiece with its beautiful minarets and domes. It has been a symbol of Islamic art and architecture and is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Egypt and the broader Islamic world.

Interfaith Dialogue: Al-Azhar has historically promoted interfaith dialogue and understanding. It has engaged with representatives of other religious communities and played a role in fostering greater religious tolerance and cooperation.

Political Influence: Throughout its history, Al-Azhar has also held a certain degree of political influence. It has sometimes played a role in advising political leaders on religious and moral matters. It has also been a focal point for political and social movements in Egypt and the broader Islamic world.

Global Outreach: Al-Azhar has a significant global presence, and its scholars are respected worldwide. The university has established branches in various countries to extend its educational reach and has become a reference point for Muslims around the world.

Interpretation of Islamic Law: Al-Azhar scholars have been influential in interpreting Islamic law (Sharia) and providing fatwas (religious rulings) on various contemporary issues. These interpretations carry weight within Sunni Islam and have implications for legal and ethical matters.

Egypt's official language is Standard Arabic, which is used in the majority of written media. English and French are very commonly spoken and utilized in commerce. As a guest, you should have little trouble conversing in English because most cab drivers, salespeople, tourism industry staff, and police officers speak excellent English. In addition, all official signage and public transportation announcements, as well as the majority of menus, are in both English and Arabic.

Egypt offers a range of luxurious travel experiences catering to those seeking upscale accommodations, exclusive services, and unique experiences. Here are some options for luxury travel in Egypt:

  • Luxury Nile Cruises
  • five-star hotels and resorts.
  • private tours and guides.
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Yes, you can visit Islamic Cairo and explore the ancient temples and mosques that are distinguished by their rich heritage and ancient history. Islamic Cairo includes many prominent historical landmarks such as:

    Al-Azhar Mosque.

    Mohamed Ali Mosque.

    Islamic art museum.

    Al-Hakim Mosque, by the command of God.

    Sultan Hassan Mosque.

Yes, this tour includes a visit to Islamic sites. The local guide provides information about Islamic history and culture. The guide is usually familiar with historical and cultural information about the mosques and other Islamic places visited during the tour.

This includes an explanation of Islamic architecture, religious history, and cultural traditions and customs related to Islam. You can ask questions and interact with the guide to get additional details as per your interests and tour requirements.

Yes, you can take photographs in most areas of Islamic Cairo. However, it is advisable to ask for permission before taking photographs inside mosques or other religious sites.


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