Shopping In Khan Al-Khalili

Khan Al-Khalili tours are no less important than the pyramids tours, so we will now take a look at the most notable local market for shopping (Khan Al-Khalili) in Egypt, one of our top shopping tours in Cairo,

Things to buy from Khan El-Khalili Bazaar|

Khan Al-Khalili shopping tour is like a flashback era to the Fatimid period in Egypt the street will back you to 500 years ago, You can't imagine a street of Bazaars all souvenirs connected with the Islamic culture.

The carnival of visitors and visitors to the Khan al-Khalili neighborhood is intertwined with decorated clothes stacked by shopkeepers as a kind of display, temptation, and attraction on the storefront, and hundreds or perhaps thousands of (tasbihs) hang inside the showrooms, or in the hands of young boys displaying various types of rosaries, some of them made of olive seeds and plasticine It is called (morning light), and some of the others belong to the type of turquoise, coral, amber, and left, and some of them are made of sandalwood.

Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

In Khan al-Khalili, women of all nationalities are kept to buy the (necklace) that they hang from (Eye of Horus), and contracts are made of various materials, and the customer only has to specify his request according to his financial capabilities, and here the seller comes out to him (a masterpiece) that may have been made hundreds of Years, when Cairo was in the Middle Ages a great trading center, bringing goods from the Far East and sending them on the various shipping routes in the Mediterranean.

This was in the golden age of the spice trade with the countries of India and Sind and countries that ride elephants and buy men. In the sixteenth century, the strongest market in the history of ancient and modern Cairo was transferred to Khan al-Khalili, which is the (slaves) market, which became famous in the East and West and was described by travelers as one of the most important markets In which all nationalities mixed.