Temple of Beit El Wali | Ramses II Temple in Old Nubia

Temple of Beit El Wali, is one of the oldest temples built by Ramses II as a form of control over the Nuba region, And like the rest of the Ramses II temples, it was carved directly out of the rock, except it was not in its original place, so it was saved from the waters of Lake Nasser, and now south of the Kalabsha Temple.

The Temple of Beit El Wali was moved near the Kalabsha temple, south of the High Dam, in cooperation with Polish archaeologists and supported by the Swiss Institute.
The Beit Al Wali Temple is distinguished by its presence carved into the rock, as it was the first in a series of temples that Ramses II built in the old Nuba area.

The Nubian temples established by Ramses II are part of a state-sponsored policy aimed at maintaining control of the country during the period of the New Kingdom in Egypt, and until that time there are clear inscriptions but unfortunately, important inscriptions have been removed, as they are located near the middle of the southern wall inscriptions that he drew Ramses II is preparing to gather his army personnel to fight a war against the Nubians.

King Ramses II lived for 91 years and ruled for almost seven decades, characterizing an era with important political and artistic changes that left an indelible mark on the country. When Ramses II died, he was buried in the Valley of the Kings, after the rites of mummification were celebrated. In the tomb were placed the precious sarcophagi and the funeral equipment which, according to the ancient Egyptian religion, would have accompanied the deceased sovereign in the afterlife.

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