The Best 10 Trips in Cairo | Best Places To Visit in Cairo

cairo is the capital of Egypt. it is a historical city which is called the city of thousand minarets due to its Islamic architecture. Cairo has a desert climate rainfall is rare to happen and occurs during the winter. but during summer it is a high temperature with high humidity due to its location is near the Mediterranean sea.

The Best 10 Trips in Cairo:- 

1-Cairo Tower

On closely perceptive the small print of the planning and design of Cairo Tower, one will, sure enough, observe the part opened framework geometrical style everywhere the tower. the general look of this style makes it seem like a lotus plant, which was thought of as one of the main painting symbols back in Ancient Egypt.
The top of the ‘Lotus’ style contains a rotating deck, which supplies a mouth-opened read of Cairo town while rotating slowly. All in all, the building may be a masterpiece of design and construction and fantastically showcases Arab skill and data through its style.

2- Bab Zuweila

The only extant southern gate of the town, Bab Zuweila was in-built the medieval times. It served as an associate degree entry to the town of Al-Qahira. The stunningly standing minarets on the gate superbly depict the design of that era. The gate was conjointly widespread for being employed as a group to execute criminals and prisoners by the rulers of that point. Tourists typically fancy the spellbinding views from the highest of this lovely landmark.

3- Ben Ezra Synagogue

The building of mount Ezra's place of worship was originally a Christian Church, that was made in the fourth century AD. In the ninth century AD, the place was reworked into a personal place of worship. The place of worship was oversubscribed by Coptic Christians to atone for the taxes they owed to the then-Arab rulers.

4- Zamalek

Zamalek district is well placed within the heart of Gezira aboard the gleaming river. the whole territory offers you a fancy European feel with English-style embellished boutiques and restaurants.
Popular for its exotic restaurants, bars, and hotels, Zamalek is equally accepted for its superb exhibitions. The district is home to the Palace of Arts, which often organizes rotating exhibits of a number of the best items of ancient artworks of Egyptian artists. Observe the gorgeous river and appreciate actuality great things about the district.

5- Rhoda Island

Rhoda Island could be a nice mixture of Al-Manyal museums and inexperienced gardens. Rhoda Island is one of the foremost ancient landmarks within the whole of Egypt and could be a remunerative spot for tourists from over the globe.
The perfect Island of Rhoda is found towards the south of Gezira. associate degree abode to Monastili Palace, which could be a large landmark attraction for each traveler, describes the glorious Egyptian design. With a desirable history, this island is sure to woo travelers whenever they're within the town of Cairo.

6-Mosque of Qaitbey
Situated within the northern sector of the Mamluk district, the house of worship and religious school lately grand Turk Qaitbey are absolute to take you back to the Mamluk amount with the photographs queue design of the place. The mosque, entirely constitutional in 1474 AD, is another proof of Moslem design, justifying the excellence possessed by artisans and designers of the Egyptian Mamluk amount.

7-Coptic Museum

the Museum can be traced back to March 1910, when Marcus Pasha laid the foundation stone of the museum through funds received from the public. The initial artifacts kept on display in the museum were mostly silver antiquities, frescoes, icons, and vestments received from Patriarch Cyril V and the Coptic community in Egypt.
The success of the museum attracted the Department of Antiquities to take it under its jurisdiction in 1931. The historical artifacts originally kept at the Egyptian Museum, and belonging to the Christian community, were moved to the Coptic Museum in 1939. The moved artifacts were kept for showcase in the new wing of the museum, which got completed in 1944.

8- Gayer Anderson Museum

Situated adjacent to the masjid of Ahmad ibn Tulun within the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood lies the far-famed Gayer – Anderson Art depository. at the start of serving because the residence to British Major R.G. Gayer – Anderson authority, the place is currently a lot of in style because of the seventeenth Century AD artworks and artifacts happiness to the depository.

9- Hanging Church

The Hanging Church of Cairo may be a stone facade inscribed with Coptic and Arabic marks. additionally called the Church of Saint Virgin Mary, the Hanging Church of Cairo is one of the foremost in style and oldest churches gift in the world nowadays. chemical analysis back to the third century AD, the Hanging Church of Coptic Cairo contains one hundred ten Holy Icons.

10- Bab al Futuh

Bab al Futuh gate placed on the northern finish of Muizz Street in Cairo is one of the long-lasting figures known within the fortification of the recent town of Cairo. whereas its elegant bowed walls showcase its distinct design, constant walls additionally provided a powerful defense against enemies throughout past times. whether or not or not it's running boiling water on enemies or firing arrows at them, the shafts created within the Bab al Futuh created it earn their name as “Conquest Gate” over the course of Egyptian history.


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