Day trip to Pyramids from Cairo airport

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Day trip to Pyramids from Cairo airport

Get ready for an adventure-packed day through Cairo Day Tours from the Airport that will take you to the most famous places in Egypt – the incredible Giza Pyramids and Dahshur. But that's not all – get ready for even more excitement!

Start by exploring the iconic Giza Pyramids, where you'll be amazed by their grandeur and history, then hop on a quad bike for a safari around the pyramids! Feel the rush as you speed through the desert sands and take in breathtaking views.

The Dahshur Archaeological Site | Pyramid Of Amenemhet III were like an important school for the Egyptians. They learned a lot from it and it helped them move forward and make progress.

Of the original eleven pyramids built at Dahshur in Egypt during the 13th Dynasty, only five exist today. Explore all the Egypt information you desire to learn about Egypt's history, which is among the world's longest and richest. Use our Cairo airport layover tips to make the most of your time there.

After all the excitement, it's time to have your lunch at a top-notch oriental restaurant. Enjoy the flavors of Egypt as you savor a quality meal.

  • Pick-up and drop-off service with a private AC Vehicle.
  • Professional tour leader from Cairo top tours.
  • Expert Egypt tours tour guide.
  • A water bottle during your Egypt day tours visits.
  • Lunch in an oriental restaurant.
  • entry visa to Egypt.
  • international flight tickets.
  • Beverage during the meal.


At the beginning of your day, you will be picked up once you reach the Egyptian lands, from the airport and you will be taken to the first spot of your tour with an AC Vehicle, with your private tour guide.

the Giza Pyramids:

One of the strangest information about the pyramids of Giza is not only their size and shape but also that if the stones of the pyramids were cut into slabs 30 cm thick, you could build a meter-high wall surrounding all of France. If it was cut into a 6 cm wide rod, a road could be built up to a quarter of the distance to the moon.

when your tour ends in the three known pyramids you will have your quad biking safari trip in the deserts of the pyramids, then go to visit. 


It took 14 years to build the leaning pyramid, and it seems that Sneferu did not like it, so he decided to build the red pyramid according to the experience learned by its engineers when building the leaning pyramid. So he chose the place for his pyramid in which he was buried, about 2 km north of the leaning pyramid in the town of Dahshur.

then you will have your lunch in a good restaurant with its Egyptian ingredients recipe.

then you will be taken back to your drop-off location where will be our end of service.


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Let´s have a new experience seeing the Great Giza pyramids, and one of the world´s wonders the half-human half- lion statue the sphinx. Book your tour with us and let´s explore the ancient history stories and see the pharos´ pyramids. Seize the opportunity to be of the first lucky visitors to explore the new discovery of the hidden corridor in the pyramid.

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Let´s have a new memorable tour of the Giza pyramids to watch the world's wonders from thousands of years telling the secrets of ancient Egyptians, Take unforgettable photos with the Sphinx, and you can also find very different shapes of pyramids that contain the pharos ´secrets. In addition, you will see the red stones of the pyramids in Dahshur that make you feel the history surrounding your skin.

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Discover Cairo’s different vibes and perspectives during our tour from the Airport: you can see the Great pyramids of Giza and its wonders, live an unforgettable experience seeing the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum masterpieces, the unique holy churches, and monuments of Coptic Cairo.

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Book and enjoy the charming atmosphere of Cairo tour from the Airport: see the ancient Egyptian treasures, the Great pyramids, the wondering sphinx statue half lion- half human statue; in addition to visiting the Grand Egyptian museum with one of the largest monuments collection in the world. Note: The Grand museum is not opened yet for usual visits, but you can book your special ticket through our website.

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The package usually includes transportation to and from the airport, a guided tour of the Pyramids and Sphinx, entrance fees, and refreshments.

You can ride with our tour guide to the Cairo airport for 60 minutes.

Egypt is regarded as the Middle East's most liberal Islamic nation. There are many tourist attractions in this area, including hotels, cruise ships on the Nile, resorts, bars, and casinos, where visitors in general and women in particular can feel very liberated to dress and act however they please. Conversely, women should dress modestly and casually in less visited areas. Covering the arms and legs is advised.

All major credit cards, as well as euros and US dollars, are widely accepted in tourist areas. Still, it's useful to have some Egyptian Pound coins and notes on hand for small purchases, tipping, and small businesses. All of the main tourist destinations have ATMs where you can withdraw Egyptian Pounds. Any currency exchange needs should be handled at one of the airport's numerous officially sanctioned kiosks.

In the first room of the pyramid, there is a small hole in the ceiling that goes to another small room. From that room, you can go into the main room, where the bodies were buried. When people went inside the pyramid in the 1800s, they found two big boxes where the bodies of King Amenemhet III and his daughter Nefru-ptah were placed.

A day trip to the Pyramids from Cairo airport is a guided tour that allows you to visit the famous Giza Pyramids, located near Cairo, Egypt, within a day. It offers an opportunity to explore the ancient wonders, learn about their history, and experience the grandeur of these iconic structures.


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