King Menkaure | Mycerinus

King Menkaure, the fifth king of Dynasty IV in ancient Egypt, ascended to the throne following the death of his father, King Khafre. He constructed Giza's third-largest pyramid. It's possible that he died suddenly, which is why his son Shabskaf finished building the pyramid.

King Mycerinus:
He is the builder of the third greatest pyramid in Giza Necropolis which ends a great era of architectural magnificence, the Pharaoh is considered to be the son of king Chephren and queen Khamernebti I. He got married young to his sister, that had become the future queen Khamernebti II, she bore him a son called Khunre, who probably died in a very young stage.
King Mycerinus has married two other wives, but none of their names are known to historians. He had a son from one of these wives, they named the young prince Shepseskaf, who succeeded his father on the throne of Egypt, and he had a daughter from the other one, Khentkaus I, who may later have married Userkaf, the first king of the 5th Dynasty

Best Works of King Mycerinus:

Contrary to Cheops and Chephren, Mycerinus was later seen as a generous and wise king. This may have been caused by the fact that his pyramid, built next to the pyramids of Cheops and Chephren at Giza, was slightly less than half the size of these two great pyramids.

If it is true that we have not received any explanation that indicates the reasons for such a sudden and noticeable decrease, there are nevertheless possible reasons. For example, we can guess that since most of the real craftsmen were busy building temples and sculpting statues, Mycerinus' resources were now reduced to the bone; moreover, the construction of five great pyramids during the previous four kingdoms had certainly emptied the royal treasuries.

It is also possible that Mycerinus has not felt the need for a pyramid of colossal dimensions at all. A change in theological conceptions related to death could have meant that funerary temples were considered more important than the actual tomb, and in fact, the funeral temple of Mycerinus is relatively large compared to its pyramid, it could simply be that the plateau of Giza began to be overcrowded or perhaps that the pharaoh, doubting his survival, had decided to be cautious. 

The pyramid of Mycerinus as you can see on the tour to Giza Pyramids was not completed when Mycerinus died and was only partially completed by his successor, Shepseskaf. The upper part was finished in the now traditional fine limestone from Turah, but 16 courses at the bottom were left undressed. This may show, at least for the pyramid of Mycerinus, that the outer casing was laid from top to bottom, probably while removing the ramp that was used to haul the heavy blocks of red granite to the top.

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