God Anubis | God of the Necropolis

Anubis is considered the god of death among the pharaohs. They find a carving in ancient tombs, speaking of Anubis as a guide for the dead, the guardian of the nether world. His cult moved from the reign of the Fifth Dynasty of the god Osiris when he was worshiped in ancient Egypt.

God Anubis 

Anubis was known as the god of the underworld but later he became associated with the mummification process and the funeral processions. His name got changed and he was then known as "Imy-ut" (He Who is In the Place of Embalming), nub-ta-Djoser (lord of the sacred land). Preserving the body of the dead person was one of the ancient Egyptian beliefs that's why they mummified their dead, Anubis was the mummified god.

Anubis had a blackhead that represented him as the god of the dead. The full human form of Anubis could be seen at the Temple of Ramses II at Abydos. Anubis Also has a beautiful statue upon his name which is made in the form of a jackal that was found at the Tomb of Tutankhamen that was discovered by the famous excavator Howard Carter at the new kingdom necropolis known as the Valley of the Kings in the West Bank of the Nile River, and now exhibited in the collection at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

God of the Necropolis

 We can see a lot of prayers and rituals dedicated to Anubis carved on many ancient tombs of Egypt. He watched the process of mummification of the dead to ensure it was proper. He accompanied the souls of the underworld while examining their knowledge of the gods and their faith. He placed the heart of the dead on the scales of justice when the judging of the heart took place.


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