Manasterly Palace Cairo

The Manasterly palace, which was built on 1000 square meters, was built by Hassan Fouad pasha in 1851. The palace was designed with the bearing walls, the walls were whitened with a mortar of lime and sand Red limestone was used below, because of its ability to resist moisture, and they were covered with absorbent gypsy and Paris dough, and they were decorated with very colorful decorations

The Manasterly Palace on Rawda Island in Cairo ''Manial'', is one of the distinctive historical palaces found in Egypt and is the oldest Islamic monument, built by Hassan Fouad basha, It's what's left of his builder group and Hasaan Basha's  Home to Macedonia. overlooking the Nile and hosting cultural and musical events and celebrations. within the palace is the museum of '' Umm Kulthum'' and receives guests from all countries. This palace is characterized by a large hall near the ground floor that witnessed the proclamation of the Arab League in 1945.

The River Nile

The River Nile


the government has taken control of the palace as a historic palace and renovated it to be an attractive site for all around the world.

-The content of the palace.

the interior consists of a rectangular lounge and a western wing containing a large hall, two bedrooms, and a bathroom, the eastern side contains a room and overlooks the southern side of the Nile, and the roofs of the palace consist of wooden enclosures covered with geometric trim, at the tribal and summarizes Saraya and a kiosk at the direction of sultan ''Nejm El Dein'' palace, in the middle of the outer plaza, is the Nile scale, one of the oldest Islamic monuments in ancient Egypt that was used every year to measure the amount of flood, built by ''the Abbasid Caliph'' in 247. A small building in the palace, covering an area of about 250 square meters, has built a museum for the singer Umm Kulthum, the planet Orient, containing all her collections and souvenirs obtained from Egypt and Arab countries. The museum contains 8 items including clothes, shoes, bags, decorations, collections, and some photos of Umm Kulthum. The museum houses a cinema to show a documentary film of Umm Kulthum produced by the Cultural Development Fund, including excerpts from the story of her 77-year-old life and parts from six films that starred and performed in Egypt and the Arab world


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