Private Excursion to Saqqara Pyramid

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Explore the ancient Saqqara in Giza, an archaeological treasure trove of pyramids, tombs, and royal complexes owned by Egyptian royalty. Discover the Step Pyramid of Djoser and its intricate hieroglyphs, providing insight into the lives and beliefs of the pharaohs.

You will see the first king to use Pyramid Texts to decorate the chambers of his pyramid was Unas, the final emperor of the Fifth Dynasty. in this period, the courtiers or followers of the king were typically buried in mastaba tombs close to their kings' pyramids, and you will see part of it in this Tour, they are the step pyramid of Saqqara and its surrounding funerary complex, Unas pyramid, the Tomb of Princess Idut, Pyramid of Teti, the tomb of Serapeum, Tomb of Mereruka, and Imhotep Museum.

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Our representative will meet you anywhere in Cairo or Giza to enjoy your Day Tour in Saqqara.

will meet you at your hotel or anywhere to accompany you with an exclusive vehicle to begin your Cairo Day Tours to Saqqara and its various historical sites.

the oldest pyramid ever built among those attributed to Egyptian civilization that attracts many tourists to visit it, you will visit the step pyramids in Saqqara, the pyramids in Saqqara not build like the Giza pyramids, but instead of using massive stone blocks, they used a core consisting of Rubble or rough broken stones, With the support of his brilliant architect, King Djoser constructed the Step Pyramid, which amply demonstrates the evolution of the pyramid building. It has six steps and is the first significant cut-stone building of its kind in the world.

we will take you to the pyramid of Unas, The chambers or the rooms of his pyramid were first decorated with Pyramid Texts by Unas, the last king of the Fifth Dynasty. Unas pyramid is the smallest old kingdom pyramid but it's a unique one due to pyramid texts inside the chambers (rooms).

Unas build his pyramid between Sekhemket and Djoser, in the North of Saqqara. a lot of mysteries founded inside the pyramid when Gaston Maspero, who had recently discovered inscribed texts in the pyramid of Pep I and Merener I. found the same texts on the Unas pyramid wall

also, Una's pyramid shape is six steps and is built from limestone blocks

One of the most important tombs in Saqqara is Idut. Its owner, a princess who lived from the end of the Fifth Dynasty to the beginning of the Sixth, was a member of the Royal Family. The tomb is well-known for its colorful depictions of daily life, which include scenes of butchering, fishing, scribes, a statue of the Princess, farming, papyrus harvesting, and agricultural activities.

Following in the footsteps of Pharaoh Unas, the Pyramid of Teti, who established the Sixth Dynasty and ruled Egypt after him, was constructed from closely spaced stone blocks encased in fine limestone. As a result, the pyramid today resembles a natural hill little as a result of earthquakes and natural changes, But the substructure is still there.

Mereruka served during the Sixth Dynasty of Egypt, a was the minister during the reigns of Kings Teti, he was one of the most powerful kings when the wealthy and powerful of local state noblemen become increasing, he was the minister during the reigns of Kings Teti, is buried in the mastaba of Teti pyramid. This tomb is decorated with numerous exquisite scenes that offer insight into life during the Old Kingdom. also, you will visit the tomb of Serapeum, The Serapeum, which consists of two lengthy corridors and once housed the mummified remains of the bulls, is reached via an avenue of sphinxes.

the Imhotep Museum The museum, which bears Imhotep's name, is dedicated to the ancient Egyptian architect The museum exhibits works of art from Saqqara, archaeological discoveries, and Egyptian art, including wooden and stone vessels, statues, and stelae, as well as ancient construction tools, architectural components, and burial objects from the 6th Dynasty to the New Kingdom.

Finally, you will return to your hotel in Cairo or Giza.

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