Tombs of Nobles at Saqqara

The ancient kingdom was a period of prosperity and tranquility, which is reflected in the structures built at this time. The pyramids, such as the step pyramid of Djoser, the oldest rock structure in history, and the pyramid of Unas, the Mastaba tombs such as the Mastaba tomb of Mereruka and Khnumhotep, make the Saqqara complex one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt.

Saqqara complex is one of the most important archeological sites in Egypt. It is the burial area of the first dynasties of the old kingdom.

The Old Kingdom or the age of the pyramids was defiantly a period of economic and social prosperity and development, which is obviously reflected in the architecture of this period The Egyptian Pyramids ).

The Step Pyramid of King Djoser is the oldest structure in history made out of the stone, and it's considered one of the main Cairoean attractions and things to do in Cairo, as well as King Unas Pyramid, and the tombs of the nobles such as the Tomb of Irokapita and Miho, and the Mastaba tombs such as the tomb of Liberation of Meriruka, Khnumpit, and Nyanangum are among the most important tourist attractions in Egypt.

Here we can shed some light on the most important tombs at Saqqara. which is visited often during Cairo Day Tours.

Mastaba Tomb of Kagemni:

The "Kagemini " mastaba is located close to the "Mary Rocca" terrace, which is one of the most important tombs of Saqqara.
Kagemni was a minister during the reign of three successive kings of the sixth dynasty, as well as the husband of her wife Nebtynubkhet Sesheshet, King Teti, who is “Nabuchi Nabti”, and she appeared in a cabin Kagemini in a very small size!

The Tomb Of Irukaptah:

This tomb is nicknamed the butcher's tomb. This is because it belongs to Irukaptah, the Butcher of a king that belonged to the 5th dynasty. His title was "Head of the Butchers of the Great House"

The tomb of Irukaptah in Saqqara has special significance for two reasons, The first reason is that its design is unusual than any other tomb in Saqqara, The second reason is that it is the finest conserved example of the old kingdom's art and architecture.

This tomb of Irukaptah is the most famous tomb in Saqqara and it is located just to the north of the passageway heading to the pyramid of Unas. It is completely cut out of the rock. The availability of the tomb almost faces the north and then it leads to a semi-rectangular offering room.

The most remarkable characteristic of the tomb of Irukaptah is the set of statues that were carved out of a rock. Some of these statues are completed while others were left in different stages of formation; therefore this tomb represents an important demonstration of the rock construction of the old kingdom. These rock-cut statues are not found anywhere else in Saqqara. They are only found in some tombs of the old kingdom in Giza. These statues belong to the family of Irukaptah and some of them belong to him.

These statues give a reliable example of the clothes that the servants of the royal family used to wear in the old kingdom. While the skin was painted dark red, it seems like the servants at that time used to wear skirts painted yellow with bright colored belts around them and a short black wig on the head, which is a common feature of the costumes of the old kingdom.

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