The Best 10 Beaches in Egypt | Beach destinations in Egypt

Egypt could be notable for its pyramids and ancient artifacts, however, its burgeoning beach resorts are what is transportation for the tourists in recent years. illustrious for wonderful diving opportunities and boxed by the wilds of the sea and therefore the relaxation of the Mediterranean

The Best 10 Beaches in Egypt:-

1-Agiba Beach (Marsa matrouh)

This beach is not thus acknowledged by travelers from outside of the country. it's situated twenty-four kilometers west of Mersa Matruh.
The only thanks to getting to the arched slice of the beach are down a rock path that leads from the clifftop on top of it. Once on the sand, it's exhausting to not be affected by the semitransparent color of the water because the sun sparkles on the surface. this is often a preferred spot, however, and within the height of summer things get rather busy here with individuals enjoying days out – except for the remainder of the year, it’s virtually empty.
The surrounding ocean is incredibly rocky and also the waves rolling in from the wide ocean area unit are pretty powerful, however conjointly work some nice aquatics opportunities a touch additional on far away from the rocks.

2-Mahmya Island (Gifton island)

for those who are looking for a scuba diving Shangri La, Mahmya Island in the Giftun Island National Park is the place. An adventurous 45-minutes by boat from Hurghada, spend the day here snorkeling among the coral reefs and underwater garden in the most picturesque part of the Red Sea.

3-Naama Bay (Sharm el-sheikh)

One of Egypt's most far-famed sandy strips, Naama Bay's scoop of white-sand beach sits at the geographical point of Egypt's prime beach resort, Sharm el-Sheikh, on the Sinai Peninsula.
Sun seekers from across Northern and jap Europe decamp here throughout the winter months to loll on sand lapped by the calm, aqua-blue waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and gaze out at the dusky jagged silhouette of Saudi Arabia's mountainous outline within the distance.

4-Dahab Lagoon (South Sinai)

The coastal strip here is generally rock instead of sand. To associate the actual beach, you've got to travel to the south of the middle to the secure bay referred to as Dahab lake. This arciform strip of golden sand edges the bay, backed by the craggy red-hued Sinai chain of mountains.
Dahab is best well-known for its skin diving opportunities it's Egypt's high destination for learning to dive.

5-El Gouna (Hurghada)

El Gouna is twenty-seven kilometers north of Hurghada. There are four main beach areas, as well as the wide swath of Mangroovy Beach, which is El Gouna's kitesurfing central, and also the soft white sand of Daytona Beach, with its 400-meter-long groin permitting you to walk intent on the deeper water wherever the coral reefs delude conserve your energy for snorkel diving.

if you are visiting Egypt it's your chance to enjoy its beautiful white sands, bright sun, blue attractive seawater, and warm weather in the red sea through Hurghada day tours which is the nearest city to have a plane to visit Luxor so you can explore the archeologic sites of the ancient Egyptians through Luxor day tours. one of the best ways to enjoy the amazing beaches is to visit Sharm el sheik through Sharm el sheik excursions which have some of the best beaches in Egypt and are considered one of Egypt's Luxury tours.

6-Sharm El Luli (Marsa Allam)

The beach is a soft, pastel-colored landscape, where the powdery sands soak seamlessly into the pale blue of the ocean, Sharm El Luli lies 60 kilometers south of Marsa Alam town on the Red Sea.

7-Nuweiba (Taba)

This is beach life that harks back to the days before the Sinai Peninsula's tourism boom. it is perfect for those who are seeking camping.

8-Sahl Hasheesh (Hurghada)

Sahl Hasheesh is 30 kilometers south of Hurghada, it is a soft white-sand beach, speckled with date palms, and trails for the entire length of the bay perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway and families seeking a beach break.

9-Mamoura Beach (Alexandria)

Alexandria could be a prime historical destination instead of a beach city, however, Egyptians decamp here in large numbers each summer, not for the museums or catacombs except for their beach vacation.

Alexandria is one of Egypt's classic tours it is a historical city that was founded by Alexander the Great. the city can also be considered as one of Egypt's cheap budget tour packages due to it having cheap hotels and you don't need a lot of money to spend a nice time there. if you are interested in Cairo attractions you can discover them through Shore Excursions From Alexandria Port.

10-Fjord Bay (Taba)

Fjord Bay is the ideal location for diving, whether or not you have got many hours of diving expertise below your belt otherwise you fancy giving it an option for the primary time. the explanation this place is such a tremendous spot to dive in is all the way down to the huge bed of coral that lies at the very cheap of the inlet. a powerful 24-meters in-depth, it’s exhausting to believe the sheer quantity of fish and the diversity of marine life that lives among the reef.


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