Alexandria Corniche

Alexandria Corniche is a very important Alexandrian place and you can see the wonder of the country through it. People frequent it in summer and winter to enjoy the view of the Mediterranean Sea. The Corniche stretches from Ras El-Teen in Al-Gomrok neighborhood to Montazah Palace in Al-Montazah neighborhood. It is the most important traffic artery of the city in the horizontal direction.

Alexandria Corniche 

In the heart of Alexandria, and through our Egypt Day Tours you can enjoy an amazing view of the sunset from the corniche of Alexandria. Along the Mediterranean coast, you can find several cafes and restaurants with sea views to take a rest there, also the atmosphere and lifestyle of Alexandria will captivate you to settle in Alexandria. Alexandria tour is walking on Corniche to enjoy Alexandria from the beginning to the end.

The whole architectural style of medieval Alexandria and many things and buildings that belong to this period of Alexandria's near past remain along the Vibrant Corniche, which extends today for visitors to see from the Ras El Tin area on the east to Abu Qir towards the westernmost end of the city.

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During your day trip to Alexandria from Cairo and you are walking by the corniche to see the magnificent buildings which are designed by engineers who were born and lived in the beautiful city of Alexander the Great, such as the famous 5-star Hotel and the 4-star Windsor Palace Hotel where the popular British minister during WW II Winston Churchill stayed there in the Cecil Hotel. The Alexandria Corniche or the Army Road is considered the widest road. Try our Egypt travel packages and our variety of Egypt shore excursions enjoy the beauty and charm of Alexandria's Corniche and spend more time sitting in the many local cafes facing the seashore and having a gourmet coffee full of history smell mixed with the Mediterranean sea breeze.

Welcome to the land of the pharaohs, with Cairo Top Tours you are in the best place at the best time.


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