Amazing Pyramids and Nile Cruise Lunch from Port Said

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Cairo Top Tours offers you a great trip to the amazing Giza pyramids and lunch on Nile Cruise. There are many amazing facts that you will discover about the pyramids during your visit to the Giza Plateau, which is that the pyramids are located in the middle of the five ancient continents, if you put any food inside the pyramid and leave it for several days, it will not be damaged. The Great Pyramid was built to correspond to the largest star in the sky. Many scientists still think that the pyramids are non-human work because, after all the scientific research that has been conducted, they discovered that it is impossible to put the last stone in the largest pyramid without the help of modern engineering machines.

Then you will complete your journey to visit the great sphinx of Giza facts and the Valley of the Temples so that you can learn much information about the history and civilization of ancient Egypt. After finishing your trip to the pyramids, you will enjoy a delicious lunch on one of the most beautiful cruises in Egypt, where you will be able to watch many entertainment and folkloric shows and listen to traditional music. You will see the Tanoura dance show and many other wonderful shows.



Your pick-up services from Port Said and return.

Transportation by an air-conditioned vehicle.

Entrance fees to the sites mentioned above.

Camel ride for 15 minutes during the Giza Pyramids tour from Port Said.

Lunch on Nile Cruise while sailing.

Highly qualified tour guide throughout Egypt Tours.

Free bottled water and soft drink during your Egypt Day Tours.

Shopping tours in Cairo. (upon request).

All service charges and taxes.


Any extras not mentioned in the Cairo Trips itinerary.


Prices are valid during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.

Our professional Tour leader will meet you at the exit door of your cruise ship at Port Said Port. Enjoy private Port Said Shore Excursions to Cairo.

The distance between Cairo and Port Said takes about three hours of driving by an air-conditioned vehicle including a stop break.

Start your dream holiday to see the amazing Pyramids of Giza, you will first visit the Great Pyramids of the famous Pharaohs of ancient Egypt like Cheops, Chephren, and Mycerinus, the famous Sphinx which is a figure of a man with the body of a lion, and also visit the Valley Temple dedicated for the Mummification of the Pharaoh’s body in addition to camel riding adventure during the tour.

Then move to enjoy a lunch cruise on the Nile River for about 02 hours including a one-hour sailing experience, an Oriental buffet lunch as you glide past Cairo’s waterfront landmarks, and are entertained by a folkloric show and music. Finally, you will drive with your guide back to your cruise ship in Port Said.



1 Person

$200.00 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$140.00 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$100.00 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$75.00 Per Person

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A shore excursion is an organized tour or activity that takes place during a cruise ship's port of call. It allows passengers to explore the local attractions and experiences at the destination, such as The Great Giza Pyramids, Egyptian museum, Saqqara, Memphis and old Cairo.

Yes, Port Said is home to a number of historical sites, including as the Port Said Military Museum and the Port Said Lighthouse.


The main attractions visited during the tour usually include the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian Museum. These iconic landmarks offer a glimpse into Egypt's ancient history and culture. Additionally, the tour includes a Nile cruise lunch, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Nile River while savoring a delicious meal.

.The mode of transportation from Port Said to the Giza Pyramids is typically an air-conditioned vehicle. The vehicle will be comfortable and equipped with all the necessary amenities for your convenience during the journey.

While the main expenses such as transportation, guide, entrance fees, and lunch are usually included, it's important to consider personal expenses such as souvenirs, additional snacks or drinks, and any optional activities or attractions not included in the standard tour. Having some extra cash on hand is advisable


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