Cavafy museum

The Cavafy Museum is a residential museum located in the center of Alexandria, which was once the residence of the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy

Cavafy's house on the second floor of an old building behind Sayed Darwish Theater in Raml Station in Alexandria has been turned into a museum.

Before that, there was a hotel called “Pension Amir” and the Greek Consulate in Alexandria bought it and turned it into a museum in 1991.

The museum includes Cavafy’s burial mask, furniture and gifts from the Greek Church, his compositions, tapes containing his composing poems, handwritten texts, icons, and a huge folder called “Alexandria Guide” containing rare old photos. An oil painting of Khedive Ismail, who was a friend of Cavafy's father, and a black marble sign were placed at the entrance to the building that read:

"In this house, Cavafy lived the last twenty-five years of his life." He was visited by more than one senior Greek official, most notably the Greek President

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