2 Days Cairo Tour from Port Said, Dropoff at Alexandria

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Two days Trip to Cairo from Port Said 

Enjoy two of the best days you can have in your life when you arrive in Egypt from Port Said Port. Cairo Top Tours is interested in providing a collection of the best trips to its clients, and our two-day trip to Cairo from Port Said and drop off in Alexandria is one of the best trips that will enable you to visit the most prominent and beautiful landmarks in this wonderful city. You will be able to explore the city of Cairo on the first day, where you will visit one of the most important archaeological and tourist attractions not only in Egypt but in the whole world, which is the three pyramids of Giza and their guard, the great sphinx of Giza facts, which was built during the reign of King Khafre.

You will also explore the Valley of the Temples and then head to the Saqqara where you will see the step pyramid of pharaoh Djoser. The next day, you will be able to visit the Egyptian Museum, which is one of the largest and most important museums in the world, which includes many unique antiquities and treasures such as the treasures of King Tutankhamun, who was one of the most famous and powerful kings in the ancient era. After that, we will go to the impressive castle of Salah al-Din, and we will see the Muhammad Ali Mosque, which is one of the most beautiful mosques that you can see in your life. At the end of the day, we will head to the Old Cairo area where you will be able to walk around and buy gifts and souvenirs for your friends and family from the Khan El Khalili market.

  • Your pick-up services from Port Said and return to Alexandria.
  • Transportation by an air-conditioned vehicle.
  • Entrance fees to the sites mentioned above.
  • Highly qualified tour guide throughout Egypt Tours.
  • Free bottled water and soft drink during your Egypt Day Tours.
  • Shopping tours in Cairo. (upon request).
  • All service charges and taxes.

 Enjoy Cairo morning after your arrival from Port Said accompanied by our representatives.

In Cairo, you will meet your exceptional tour guide to visit:

The Pyramids of Giza: are regarded as the most precious pieces of human engineering and architecture which constantly stands for over 4500 years till today. The site includes three magical pyramids and all of them are dedicated to three of the most powerful pharaohs of the 4th dynasty and they served as their own glorious tombs.

The Great Sphinx: is a very massive statue of a lion with a human head which was set upon the order of Pharaoh Chephren and it’s known as the loyal guardian of the cemeteries at Giza. It represents the guardian of the treasure of the pyramids.

The Valley Temple: It was very popular as a burial site for the pharaohs and the nobles during the 4th dynasty. It’s situated to the East of Chephren’s pyramid and it’s dedicated to King Chephren.

You will enjoy delicious lunch at a high-quality restaurant then proceed to visit:

Saqqara Step Pyramid: This is the first pyramid structured in history and it’s also the first renowned stepping pyramid established on Earth. It was founded during the ruling period of the 3rd dynasty and it was attributed to King Djoser and made of six remarkable steps.

then you will Check-in the 5* hotel in Cairo to spend the night.

on the second day of your tour, you enjoy your delicious breakfast at the hotel then your tour guide will take you to witness:

The Egyptian Museum: which contains one of the largest collections of ancient timeless monumental possession dating back more than 3000 years where you will feel as if you are in heaven. The museum also contains an incredible collection of King Tutankhamun's tools.

After having your Lunch at a local restaurant, then move to visit:

Salah El-Din Citadel: Cairo’s defensive fortification which was erected in 1176 AD and finished by 1183 AD during the reign of Salah El-Din El Ayubi. The citadel was the protective armor of the country against any aggression from enemies.

Muhammed Ali Mosque: It was constructed between 1830 and 1848 inside Cairo Citadel and it’s one of most of Egypt’s best-known Islamic monuments. The mosque is dedicated to the great ruler Mohammed Ali and it displays a unique type of structure, art, and architecture.

The National Egyptian Museum: you will enjoy a wonderful tour filled with excitement and amazement as every traveler will be able to explore the incredible history and culture of Egypt that spanned more than 4500 years.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar: Your last stop will be an exceptional shopping tour in the first market in the Middle East where you will be surrounded by a wide array of clothes, species, perfumes.. etc after that, You will be transferred to Alexandria where our services will be ended.

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