EL-Agami Beach Alexandria

Alexandria is characterized by its beaches extending from Maamoura in the east to El-Agamy in the west, with wonderful waters, an ideal geographical atmosphere, and stunning landscapes.

Al-Ajami neighborhood is one of the administrative districts in Alexandria, located 20 km from the city center towards the west, and it is a local tourist destination for Egyptians. Central in Egypt. It has a number of monuments, including the French castle, built during the French occupation, as well as many watchtowers built during the Ottoman Empire, in order to prevent the northern coast of Egypt. Al-Ajami flourished primarily because of its location at the intersection of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and the North Coast Road to Libya. The city has thousands of private villas and a number of private and government-owned hotels.

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The name Ajami Beach (Bitash) comes from the Coptic word (B-Tash), which means: the border. And Ajami Beach (Bianchi) is named after the Swiss citizen Achille Bianchi, who founded the Bianchi Company for Building Materials and Land Division in 1952, and Hannoville Beach in relation to Madame Hano of Lebanese origin. She is the first to reside in the area and establish a hotel, and the Sidi Krier beach is relative to Sidi Krier of Algerian origin, who came to teach religious sciences and resided in the area, and the Abbotlat beach is in relation to the three brothers who owned most of the area's lands.

Abu Heif Beach

Abu Heif Beach managed to amaze its visitors with a large number of interesting activities, scenic views, and an atmosphere of recreation and comfort. Therefore, it is the best beach in Alexandria because of its white sand and wonderfully clear water.

Al-Bitash Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches of Alexandria, which visitors come to from everywhere. The beach is famous for its white sand and blue waters of charming nature.
The beach provides an atmosphere of calm and relaxation that everyone who visits it enjoys, and includes many activities, water games, and wonderful nights.


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