4 Days Egypt holiday hot offers tour to Cairo, Alexandria, and a white desert

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Hot offers tour to Cairo, Alexandria, and a white desert 

For those who like to experience the finest of Egypt with our Egypt holiday hot offers packages, this 4-day tour to Cairo, Alexandria, and a white desert is ideal.

You'll get to experience some of the most spectacular sights in the desert with our Egypt desert safari tours, as well as the vibrant city life of Cairo and Alexandria with our Cairo day tours. Your Egypt travel packages tours include all accommodation, transport, and meals throughout the tour. You will be provided with an experienced English-speaking guide and driver to ensure you get the most out of your Egypt experience with our Egypt trips. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore Egypt’s ancient and modern wonders in just 4 days! Reserve your place now and enjoy an unforgettable 4-day Egypt holiday tour!



Cairo Top Tours tour leader will assist you upon arrival and during departure at Cairo International Airport.

Accommodation for 3 nights in a 5- star hotel, including bed & breakfast in Cairo.

All entrance fees in Egypt Classic Tours.

Local meals in high-quality restaurants during our Egypt Travel Packages from Cairo to Alexandria.

Certified tour guide.

Transportation of exclusive (non-smoking – air-conditioned) vehicles.

Stops for snacks upon request.

All transports inside the White Desert by 4×4 car

Bottled water and soft drinks during the Cairo and Alexandria tour packages.

Shopping tours in Cairo or Alexandria.  (If there is enough time).

All taxes and service charges are included.


International airfare.

The entry visa to enter Egypt at Cairo airport .

Entering the pyramid from inside.

Tipping is not included in the prices.

Beverage during meals.

Tour price doesn't apply during peak seasons like Xmas tours in Egypt, New Year, or during Egypt Easter tours.

our tour leader wait you at your hotel and pick up you to giza pyramids in a modern and air-conditioned car, the first stop is seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza, Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinos. You can also get a close-up view of The Sphinx, a fabled guardian with a lion's body and king Chephren's head that stands by a sizable funeral complex. Since it takes additional tickets, going into any of the pyramids is not included in the tour then visit The Valley Temple is where the priests mummified the body of King Chephren 

then we will transfer you to visit The Egyptian Museum, one of the most significant collections of ancient artifacts in the world, is prominently located in Downtown Cairo, to the north of Midan Tahrir. The glittering jewels of Tutankhamun and other famous pharaohs are displayed within the large, curiously pinkish edifice amid mummies, grave goods, jewelry, eating utensils, and toys made by Egyptians whose names have been lost to time. To explore the museum is to go on a journey through time.

after that we will transfer to have a lunch at local restaurant and go to Khan El-Khalili in Old Cairo was founded in the 14th century and has historically been a significant area for both cultural and commercial activities. Your guide to Khan El-Khalili market and the neighborhood is provided here.

at the end return you back to your Cairo hotel.


The excursion starts at 6:00 AM with pickup from your hotel in Cairo and departs the city through the nearby desert sceneries. The beautiful Bahariya Oasis, which once served as the Pharaonic era's primary agricultural hub, is the day's first visit.

It has become renowned for its abounding supply of dates and olives. With the assistance of your guide, tour the oasis and take in the expansive setting of shady palm trees and natural springs.

Visit the Black Desert after lunch for a spectacular view of the region's rough mountain-like domes that stand out against the sandy surroundings. Next, explore the lovely Agabat valley in the neighborhood, which features imposing white cliff walls and yellow limestone rocks.

Continue on to Crystal Mountain, an exceptionally rare structure that sparkles and shimmers in the Egyptian sun and is formed completely of calcite crystal.

Next, proceed to the White Desert, so named because to the vast expanse of white sand that it contains. Climb a few sand dunes and take in the mind-blowing views that never seem to end.

Finally, unwind while you travel back to Cairo; you'll get to your hotel at 11 PM.

With the help of the Egyptologist tour guide from Your Egypt Tours, embark on an intriguing journey to Alexandria from Cairo. 

Alexandria, the second-largest city in Egypt, is renowned for its Roman ruins and has a more Mediterranean than Middle Eastern ambiance. You will receive individualized attention on your tour of Alexandria under the direction of your Egyptologist guide.You can choose how much time to spend at each of the locations you'll visit during the tour. Alexandria, the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt, was established by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C. The catacombs of Kom ash-Shuqqafa, a Roman burial site with a family tomb that displays the blending of Egyptian and Roman art and architecture, should be your first trip in this historic city. To explore the tomb and Caracalla Hall, descend underground.

Continue to Pompey's Pillar once you are back above ground. This 82-foot (25-meter) granite monument was constructed in honour of Emperor Diocletian, who released the city from siege and provided food for the starving populace. The citadelof Qaitbay, constructed in 1477 to defend the eastern flank of the city, is the next location your tour guide will take you to in keeping with the Roman theme. The great lighthouse of Alexandria is where the fort was situated.

You will tour the renowned Alexandria Library following lunch (an extra fee). The Norwegian-designed skyscraper is a stunning example of contemporary architecture in contrast to the historic structures prevalent throughout Egypt. The library is one of the world's greatest literary institutions since it houses copies of every book ever published. The library also has a number of displays on Egypt's history as well as a collection of priceless old books (additional cost).

then return you to your cairo hotel.

after breakfast, our tour leader picks you up from your Cairo hotel and checks out, then transfer you to the international Cairo airport.

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