El Alamein War Cemetery | Alamein Commonwealth in Egypt

The El Alamein War Cemeteries are the cemeteries where Allied and Axis soldiers have been buried since World War II at El Alamein, on the northern coast of Egypt. It is divided into individual parts and sectors and is still visited annually by some of the surviving families of Allied soldiers.

El Alamein War Cemetery 

The battle of El Alamein is one of the most famous battles of World War II between the Allied and Axis powers. Al-Alamein Military Museum is one of the most important military monuments, which embodies the battle of Al-Alamein, which ended with the victory of the Allied countries over the Axis powers, and was the main reason for the end of World War II.

El-Alamein Museum is located at km 105 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, south of the coastal road, and is about 300 km from Cairo. It includes a group of weapons, armored vehicles, and figures that express El Alamein's battles and the forces that participated in them.

Commonwealth War Cemetery in Alamein

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