The Graeco-Roman Museum | Roman Amphitheater of Alexandria

The Hellenic repository is tiny, however, it options artifacts from a desirable amount of Egyptian history once Greek, Roman, and Ancient Egyptian civilization all interacted here, leading to a motivating fusion of traditions. during this little repository, you may be available in contact with many legendary figures from world history, all of the UN agencies compete out the necessary components of their lives in Alexandria.

The twenty-fifth gallery was inaugurated in 1984. In fact. Graeco Roman museum Alexandria contains so an enormous type of coins from completely different countries. They organized and date from 630 BC to the Ottoman amount within the nineteenth century.

there's a group that covers the amount from the third BC to the seventh AC centuries. It so could be a fascinating record of Civilization. Graeco Roman depository Alexandria contains many precious antiques.

the foremost valuable ones or the most effective square measures within the depository are as follows: Graeco Roman depository Alexandria area 1: during this area, we will see the gorgeous alabaster Redeemer.

Its giant eyes and flat, the regular gown could be a development from the Coptic vogue. Moreover, a part of the hall displays artifacts from the religious residence of St. Menas, west of Alexandria. Graeco Roman depository Alexandria area is a pair of conjointly contains several bailiwick components from early Christian buildings. Moreover, it conjointly has the central basket capital that could be a typical Coptic art.

additional details concerning Graeco Roman depository Alexandria: Graeco Roman depository Alexandria area three has a brilliant assortment of metal, silver, and gold. The silver body of Aphrodite dates from the second century. Moreover,

there's a varied assortment of ancient jewelry with completely different brilliant colors. Graeco Roman depository Alexandria area four dedicated to Coptic textiles.

they're from a number of the best weavers within the Christian world. Graeco Roman depository Alexandria area five is an incredible ancient model of a water cooling system. Graeco Roman depository Alexandria area half dozen: In area 6 we will notice The arthropod genus Bull. In fact, it is found to the west of Pompey’s Pillar.


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