The Royal Jewelry Museum

It is called the "Palace of Jewels" due to its presence in the building that was the palace of one of the princesses of the upper royal family.

The royal jewelry museum in Alexandria Egypt

The Royal Jewelry Museum is located in the Fatima Zahra Palace building in Gleem. This palace was founded by Zainab Hanim Fahmy in 1919 and completed its construction and resided in it by her daughter Princess Fatima al-Zahra in 1923 AD. The palace was used as a rest for the presidency of the Republic. Until it was turned into a museum by a presidential decree in 1986. 

 The palace (museum-built property jewelry) on a European building model from an architectural perspective. It consists of two wings east and west connecting the two transverse corridors and consists of both the East Wing and West Wing of the two floors and the basement also surrounded the building, a garden filled with plants, flowers, and ornamental trees.

The museum includes 11,500 pieces belonging to members of the royal family. The palace has been divided into ten halls containing collections of antiques and jewelry belonging to members of the Muhammad Ali family. This museum is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Alexandria, as it includes a rare and wonderful collection of antiques, jewelry, jewelry goldsmiths, precious stones, and watches encrusted with jewels and diamonds.


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