Tombs OF Shatby | Shatby Necropolis

the Chatby tombs are considerably older, dating back to the 3rd century BC, just before the end of the Pharaonic period. At the time of their construction, there was a huge amount of Greek and Roman influence, although the Greeks were still in power at the time. This merging of cultures can still be seen to this day, not only when visiting the tombs, but also throughout the city of Alexandria.

Shatby Necropolis

4th century BCE

Just like all cemeteries in Alexandria, Shatby burials take away the natural rock, utilized by the primary generations of Macedonians in Alexandria.

 Shatby is Alexandria’s oldest Hellenistical graveyard. these tombs were organized with a central, therefore known as Franz Kline burial, consisting of a rock-cut bed or seat into that the deceased was ordered down (one of the most variations between Macedonian Franz Kline burials and therefore the conqueror is within the physical look of those beds/sofas:

whereas the conqueror one's area unit hollow, the Macedonians area unit flat, therefore inserting the deceased straight on its top).

Tombs OF Shatby 

kind of like alternative conqueror cemeteries Shatby is embellished with Doric (half) columns, and its chambers area unit is embellished with false windows. though most paint is long gone, it absolutely was originally recorded to own sky-blue panels, Associate in Nursingd an overall decoration which may be compared with the 2d Pompeian vogue.


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