mahmoud said Museum

From the bride of the Mediterranean, Alexandria, and over its sands in Jancles, we go on a trip to the Museum of the most expensive paintings, to the artist with the most expensive paintings sold in the Middle East, to the Muhamed said Museum

About the Museum:

The Mahmoud Saeed Museum complex is divided into:

Mahmoud Saeed Museum, Saif Wanly and Adham Wanly Museum, and the Museum of Modern Art, next to the Ajyal Hall, which includes two exhibition halls, Ajyal 1 and Ajyal 2. The first museum of Mahmoud Saeed includes about 40 works of his most important works. It has been a mainstay in the space of modern plastic art in Egypt since the beginning of this century.

It is definitely one of the best Alexandria museums of fine arts

The second museum, which belongs to the two brothers, Adham and Seif Wanly, is located on the upper floor of the palace, and the third museum, located in the basement of the palace, is the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art in Alexandria, which is distinguished by containing the works of some of the pioneers and contemporary artists and winners of first prizes in various art competitions.

Said also dealt with many topics and issues through his art, on top of which highlighting the patriotic sense and the symbols of the Egyptian people of different sects, as well as the landscapes of the Egyptian coastal environment, and paid great attention to women, as he considered them a real presence of all things and a symbol of national and national identity, especially after the participation of Egyptian women And her prominent role in the 1919 revolution is among the most famous paintings in the museum: Dervishes, Shadouf, Medina, Bahri Girls, Licorice Vendor, Girl of the Country, Beggar, Blue Dressed, Golden Braids, and Autumn, as well as the Suez Canal opening painting that depicts and records the historical event of the opening of the Canal Suez during the reign of Ismail, and he also drew portraits of people from his family and friends, including a brilliant portrait of Queen Farida, who is in her early years.

The painting "The Dervish" was sold in April 2010 by Christie's International Auctions for $2.434 million. At the time of its sale, it was considered the most expensive painting drawn by an artist in the Middle East. Saeed painted that painting in 1935

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