The Nubian Village

One of the oldest civilizations in Africa, traveling by felucca sailboat or modern motorboat, you will meet the locals, visit a traditional house, drink tea and have free time to explore the villages independently.

The Nubian Village 

Regularly visited by travelers through Egypt Day Tours especially Aswan day tours from your Aswan edifice or Egypt Nile River cruise. counting on weather and stream conditions, you may travel either by ancient sailing ship sailboat or by a contemporary boat.

Nubian Villages in Aswan

It is one of all the oldest populations within the world, such a lot in order that their look dates back to five,000 years before the birth of Christ once Egypt was divided into 2 kingdoms within the north and therefore the south before King Menes unified the 2 lands declaring the sovereignty and beginning the pharaonic era by the 1st dynasty inside the old kingdom. Their homes are painted with multiple colors like sky-blue, pink, or yellow and infrequently adorned with pillars of Islam or journeying to Mecca in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia scenes. Chickens peck within the dirt and goats chew something that happens to be lying around!

A mass of colorful bricks, one next to the opposite, one on high of the opposite, together an ideal distinction. square huts, blue and yellow, red and inexperienced, very rough, with a gaggle of stairs engineered to the brick balconies.

The spectacular outlets are superb and take your sight thanks to their bright colors, canvas on that associate degree creator celebrated gushing out the brightest colors, rugs, jars, and sashes. Bowls jam-packed with spices, jewels, fruit, and dried flowers. a multitude of perfumes, essences, and pure voices, whereas the traders invitatory everybody who passes by to look and buy a number of those exotic spices, incense, or perfumes.

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